Get ready to vote in the North Carolina Primary Election next Tuesday


By Michelle Cassell
Managing Editor 

In 2024, North Carolina will hold its primary election on March 5, 2024, and general election on November 5, 2024. The details of the upcoming elections can be found on the North Carolina State Board of Elections website.  In Orange County, we will vote for Federal, State, and County offices; Board of Education Election for Orange County Schools.  A full list of all the candidates is available here

There is still an opportunity to vote early:

In order to vote in the primary election on March 5, you must have been registered before 5 p.m. on February 9.

Once registered, voters affiliated with any political party may vote on the ballot of candidates for their party only. For example, a registered Republican may vote on the Republican primary ballot only. Some recognized political parties in North Carolina may not have primary ballots.

Unaffiliated voters may choose to vote on any one political party’s ballot or a nonpartisan ballot (if available). A voter cannot vote in more than one party’s primary.

Here are important tips for voters from the State Board of Elections:

  • Need to register or update your registration? See How to Register or Updating Registration.
  • Check your registration: Voters can check to ensure their registration information is accurate and up to date using the Voter Search You can also find your polling place, absentee ballot information, and more.
  • Find your sample ballot: All eligible, registered voters will find their sample ballot(s) in the “Your Sample Ballot” section of their Voter Search profile when they become available. Sample ballots are typically available 50 days before Election Day for even-year elections.
  • Don’t forget your photo ID: North Carolina voters will be asked to show a photo ID when they check in to vote. Learn more: Voter ID.
  • Three ways to vote: Follow the links below to learn about the voting methods available to voters.
    1. Vote Early in Person
    2. Vote in Person on Election Day
    3. Vote By Mail

The Orange County Board of Elections has detailed information on a variety of topics on their website.

Throughout the election season, TLR will continue to update our readers on key dates and issues.

Michelle Cassell is a seasoned reporter who has covered everything from crime to hurricanes and local politics to human interest over the course of 35 years. As managing editor, she hopes to encourage writers of a wide range of backgrounds and interests in TLR’s coverage of Southern Orange County news. 

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  1. Thank you, Michelle Cassell. Your article has links to an important variety of election sites.
    Lacking for me are bios on more of the candidates than the judiciary bios link that you included.
    I will check the League of Women Voters for bios on candidates; did not find any earlier when I looked. Thanks again,

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