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Comfort Foods – Vegan Style

It is said that food is medicine. But food also brings with it powerful connotations and memories that may be unrelated to health. How many of us have parents who were experts at plant-based…

Thanksgiving and healthy? It can be done.

Well, it’s definitely going to be a Thanksgiving like no other. Thanks to COVID-19, many families across Chapel Hill and Carrboro won’t be gathering, or not nearly in the same large numbers. The kids — now dispersed to Brooklyn and Buffalo…

One More Benefit to Eating Well

We’re all suffering through the COVID-19 pandemic. While there isn’t evidence that plant-based eating will reduce the impact if one becomes infected, there’s plenty of strong evidence that it can greatly reduce the likelihood of underlying health conditions that make one more susceptible to contract COVID-19 in the first place.

African Americans and the Dietary Challenge

It’s Black History Month and I thought that I would use my column to interview a fellow Food for Life instructor, Deitra Dennis, from Atlanta, who just this week made a great resource available for free download, “The African Heritage Power Plate Booklet.”

It’s Good for the Planet, Too

It is no surprise that groups like the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have been warning us that the biggest single impact we can make on the climate is to adopt a plant-based diet.