A Cat in Need Finds Help



Guest Column by Linda Brown

This is the story of neighbors working together to help an animal in need.

Anika Devereaux of East Franklin Village spied a familiar neighborhood feline limping, appearing to have injured his paw. After asking for and receiving suggestions on Next Door, the local social network, Anika picked up a trap from Mary Dow and Terry Burrell of Independent Animal Rescue, both of whom provided assistance and advice.

Anika was able to trap the cat — now named Blanco — a few days later. Blanco spent the night in New Hope Animal Hospital, where he was neutered, given a rabies vaccine and antibiotics for an abscess on his paw. His paw was broken a while ago and had already healed in that position, so he will always have a limp. But he will be released back into his territory.

Blanco’s new outdoor shelter. Photo by Anika Devereaux

Although he had a pre-existing condition and no insurance, Cynthia Colpitts, of The Oaks, came to the rescue. Katy Poitras, a neighbor and co-owner of Cat Tales Cat Cafe on Franklin Street, offered a show of appreciation for Anika’s efforts by offering her and a friend a free visit to Cat Tales.

Cynthia prepared an outdoor home for Blanco, where he’ll have a cozy house inside a wire cage until he acclimates to his new area, then he’ll be able to roam around and return to her for food and shelter (hopefully). New Hope Animal Hospital has gone above and beyond; keeping him while his paw heals and his enclosure is built.

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