About TLR

The mission of The Local Reporter is to provide the residents of Chapel Hill, Carrboro and southern Orange County an engaging and rigorously-reported local newspaper. Taking its cues from issues of concern to local community, The Local Reporter will offer a civil forum of public debate, nurture local business, peer into local mysteries, but above all, build community engagement and enrich local identity through the telling of an ever-evolving public narrative of life in our region of coverage. 

The Local Reporter will contain a robust offering of guest columns and letters-to-the-editor (signed and edited; no anonymous screeds), airing the lively but civil views of our diverse readership. Our political coverage will examine responsibly the doings of local government, the university, law enforcement, development and the schools. Our features and lifecycle coverage will reflect and celebrate the rich mosaic of life as it is lived in Chapel Hill, Carrboro and southern Orange County, covering sports, dining, music, theater, as well as the births, marriages and deaths of our neighbors and friends. 

Guest authors, letters to the editor, and volunteers are all welcome.

The Local Reporter is published by Friends of Local Journalism, a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible.

The Local Reporter subscribes to the standards of editorial independence adopted by the Institute for Nonprofit News. Decisions about choice or content of material published by TLR will not be influenced by consideration of present or future financial support.

The Local Reporter is committed to avoiding possible financial or personal conflicts of interest among its Board or Staff. Thus, TLR subscribes to the conflict of interest policies found at https://inn.org/sample-conflict-of-interest-policies.

The Local Reporter is committed to transparency. Thus donations of $5000 or more will be posted on our website while smaller donations are listed at the donor’s discretion. TLR maintains a firewall between its news coverage decisions and its sources of funding.  Contributors to FLJ do not have any voice in the editorial decisions of TLR While FLJ is pleased to accept donations from individuals, foundations or businesses, acceptance of those funds does not imply any endorsement by TLR or FLJ of the views or activities of the donor.

The Local Reporter strives to be accurate in all of its online copy. If you find errors, whether typographical or more substantive, the best way to report them is via email to editor@thelocalreporter.press. TLR will correct the errors as soon as possible. If the mistake is a typo, we’ll just make the change. If the error is substantive, we’ll make the change and annotate the article to describe the change and its purpose.