An Open Letter from the Elected People of Color of Orange County



14 June 2020

Dear Community,

Over the past few weeks, we have seen our nation torn apart, and we have also seen it come together. We have seen the institutional racism—the racism that People of Color face every day—erupt into the wider consciousness of our nation. We have witnessed the united front of solidarity that rose up to demand justice for the senseless murders of our Black and Brown sisters and brothers.

As People of Color, we are angry because, again and again and again, we witness the untimely deaths of our women, men and children. We mourn, listening to eulogies for those who left this world too soon. Our hearts and minds are burdened because we have been seeking humanity and justice for literally hundreds of years.

In response to the injustices wrought upon People of Color, we are joined once again with our allies in demanding change, particularly within policing or law enforcement. We must realize, however, that these incidences of violence perpetrated against people of color are rooted deeply in the economic history and intertwined in the sociopolitical fabric of the United States.

Our challenge is to uproot and eradicate racism, and in its place, plant seeds of equality, and then cultivate a society of justice. Despite the anguish in our souls, we must work together as a community, educate ourselves and our children with truth, remain strong and focused, and turn our emotions into action.

In honor of those who came before us, and for the sake of those who will come after us, we, being unapologetically People of Color, commit to sustaining the fight until justice is achieved.

In solidarity,

Tai T. Huynh
Renée A. Price
Valerie P. Foushee
Allen Buansi
Barbara M. Foushee
Hongbin Gu
Joal H. Broun
Rani Dasi
Deon Temne
Brenda Stephens
Tony McKnight
Matthew Hughes

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