John News v64: 7/23/21

Direct from his Chapel Hill home, it’s “John News,” a video podcast written, produced and performed by 8-year-old John Wortman, a second-grader at Ephesus Elementary School. The Local Reporter is proud to present the weekly “John News” to help, in John’s words, “bring some happiness to people during these trying times.”

Stop Digging

“Your garden’s so pretty! How do you do that?” my neighbor gushed. She: stylishly dressed, walking her dog; me: wet and muddy squatting down with my hands in the soil. I was about to explain that I enjoy tending my garden and that, with a little effort…

Echinacea Worth Meeting

Let me introduce my latest fascination — Echinacea x hybrida ‘Red Ombre.’ I know what you’re thinking: What could possibly be special about an Echinacea? Readers of this column may recall that I like to meet new plants by first learning their botanical name, so let’s start with the genus Echinacea…

For the Love of a Biscuit

Growing up a Midwestern girl, biscuits were not the stars of our breakfast table. A biscuit was like a baguette: an almost foreign food. We didn’t write love letters to the biscuit.

The Reign of Pain

My neck’s a problem. Nothing terrible, but when I turned my head to back the car out of the driveway the other day, there was this crack, a shooting pain and I immediately lost any ability to speak…

Analyzing Available Home Inventory

There is a meme making its way around the internet that features a fictional buyer’s agent submitting an offer on a home with an email that says, “Hi…

List of Donors

The Local Reporter is published by a nonprofit organization, and currently charges no subscription fees. We are totally dependent on the generous support of those who know our community deserves to have a local news source…

Think Contrast, Think Texture

We gardeners sometimes think way too much in terms of flowers when, perhaps, we should instead concentrate more on the color green. After all, it’s the color green that permanently resides in our gardens. I have written before about the…

Hiring Now!

Many local businesses are actively recruiting for open positions in a variety of careers and are holding the following job fairs…

Beasley to Speak at Frederick Douglass Event

Mayor Lydia Lavelle will host the eighth annual community reading of Frederick Douglass’ essay, “The Meaning of the Fourth of July for the Negro.” The community reading will take place from noon to 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, July 4….

Welcome Back

Orange County is beginning to feel like its former self. Restaurants and bars are open, buzzing with students, visitors, and townies. The simplest things – a drink, a meal, a walk downtown – feel celebratory.

Turkish Cultural Center a Model of Sustainability

After over a year of social distancing, a new, sustainable development offers residents of Orange County a chance for cultural connection. Construction is now complete on the Sancar Turkish Cultural and Community Center…

This Has Been Eating at Me

If you want to stay healthy and help ward off the downsides of aging, such as getting older, it’s clear you have to carefully watch what you eat and drink. Yes, that means…

Open Letter to: Mayor and Town Council

First, I wish to thank mayor and council for the time and energy they have spent on Trinsic’s application for a Conditional Zoning Permit. It has become a deeply controversial process, aggravated and obscured by SARS-CoV2 restrictions on public meetings and information.

Insects Can Be Exciting!

This past May, I had the opportunity to experience both wonder and awe when observing two interesting insects busy with life events. While not many people aside from entomologists….

Want to Run for Local Office? Here’s How.

Last year, after a Chapel Hill town council member left office midterm, 16 people applied to fill the vacancy. At the time, candidates only had to send an email or letter to the town clerk stating their interest.

Hop on Pop

Roly-poly on the beach, a tow-headed cherub clambers on his disarmed father like the man is his personal playground jungle gym. Of all the snapshots hiding in dusty closets glued to old-school, black-paged photo albums from the ‘40s labeled “Snaps,”…

Responsible Gardening

A packet of seeds, meant to catch my eye, arrived in the mail. A seed company in a faraway state, trying to get my business, wants me to look at their catalog. Its strategy backfired. I’m not happy with the little gift; in fact, I’m rather huffy about it. The colorful packet featured a watercolor image of several different unidentifiable….

Timeline Unveiled to Honor Juneteenth

Say Their Names, a public art project, is an artistic expression of history we must remember and never forget. It is a 4-foot-tall, 22-foot-wide timeline depicting a legacy of struggle for respect, humanity and justice.