John News v88: 1/16/22

Direct from his Chapel Hill home, it’s “John News,” a video podcast written, produced and performed by 8-year-old John Wortman, a third-grader at Ephesus Elementary School. The Local Reporter is proud to present the weekly “John News” to help, in John’s words, “bring some happiness to people during these trying times.”

North and South

 “Sidewalks and basements” would be my answer to Mr. A.C. Snow. “A dearth of one and a paucity of the other.”

Try Annual Vines

Vines can be both overwhelming and scary. When I first moved to Chapel Hill in 1992, my front yard consisted of English ivy, my backyard nourished Japanese wisteria, while my side yard contained Chinese honeysuckle.

Terms of Endearment

Do you ever get the feeling that sometimes everybody — particularly those who are digital natives or just, say, younger than our socks — is speaking a different language than we are? I know, it could be French or Spanish, but it’s probably emoji.   

List of Donors

The Local Reporter is published by a nonprofit organization, and currently charges no subscription fees. We are totally dependent on the generous support of those who know our community deserves to have a local news source…

William Jay Peck 1927-2021

William “Bill” Jay Peck, beloved father, grandfather, and professor emeritus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, died at Carol Woods Dec. 7.