Bringing Tourism Back

Like spring itself, the world feels like it’s rising again, about to bloom in the coming summer sun. In this new and brighter light we have an opportunity to see what’s changed and how we can do what we did before in new and better ways…

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John News v50: 4/16/21

Direct from his Chapel Hill home, it’s “John News,” a video podcast written, produced and performed by 8-year-old John Wortman, a second-grader at Ephesus Elementary School. The Local Reporter is proud to present the weekly “John News” to help, in John’s words, “bring some happiness to people during these trying times.”

The Real College Deadline

By now, most kids in Chapel Hill and in other quaint little towns and big cities across America have already chosen their college. Or, if they’ve decided not to attend college, they’ve joined the military or, at the very least, have planned their next big bank heist.

Women Build a Future

It’s not a secret: In the construction trade, practically a whole gender is missing. Women make up only 1.5 percent of the entire U.S. construction workforce, according to the National Association of Women in Construction.

Changes Afoot at Little Gray House Downtown

Tony Hall & Associates operated out of the little gray house at 311 West Rosemary St. for 26 years until Feb. 18, when the real estate company moved to 901 Willow Drive in Chapel Hill.

Falling Into Place

As we get older, there are many challenges we have to deal with, including fading eyesight, failing memory and an inability to break dance. Then there is the risk of falling.

Comfort Foods – Vegan Style

It is said that food is medicine. But food also brings with it powerful connotations and memories that may be unrelated to health. How many of us have parents who were experts at plant-based…

Beware of the Floozies

Sex is rampant in my garden, and I’m getting sick of it. This is the time of year that the hellebores wave around their promiscuity as the plants flaunt their swollen seedpods. Soon you begin to realize that there are probably more seeds on one hellebore than there are people in the Triangle. After a couple of years of hellebores taking up residence in the garden, you begin to fear that they will overtake the world.

Arts Nonprofits Grapple with Effects of COVID Year

After more than a year of shuttered venues and cancelled performances, arts and entertainment nonprofit organizations are grappling with devastating amounts of lost revenue and facing a longer road to recovery than any other sector of nonprofits.

Keeping Songs and Stories Alive, One Year In

The air is humid and thick with the smell of OFF! Deep Woods bug spray. People from around Chatham County, and some from around the state, grab a bite to eat from a local food truck, then settle in to their lawn chairs in the small field outside of Bynum General Store.

Easter 1950

All dressed up for Easter Sunday church and holding a Bible, Nick Lauterer, posing heroically in a hand-me-down suit, grins at the camera with confidence and happiness.

Spring Garden Safety

It’s a dangerous world out there. In the past few weeks, Kit and I have both been injured — nothing life threatening, but ego bruising. I share this because we both know better.

Dignify Workers with a Living Wage

At Orange County Living Wage, we’re proud to partner with local employers, employees and community members to fight for living wages in our county.

Mobile Home Zoning Succeeds Elsewhere

Opinion: On March 10, Chapel Hill Town Council Member Hongbin Gu petitioned the council to consider a zoning change that would restrict the use of certain land, including the mobile home park on 1200 MLK Jr. Blvd…

The Boom in Zoom

Can you hear me? We’re Zooming for a friend’s virtual birthday party. We’re Zooming after months and months of Zooms — family Zooms, business Zooms, book club Zooms, doctor Zooms.

List of Donors

The Local Reporter is published by a nonprofit organization, and currently charges no subscription fees. We are totally dependent on the generous support of those who know our community deserves to have a local news source…

You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught

As I was raised in the shadow of World War II and the Korean War, my first childhood impressions of Asians were negative: They were the enemy and to be feared.


I wish I could grow echinacea as I’m a great admirer of this native prairie plant. It’s a great accent plant in the perennial border, and there’s a spartan quality about it that appeals to me.

BIPOC Electeds Stand in Solidarity

The BIPOC elected officials of Orange County are deeply saddened by the growing harassment and hatred of our Asian sisters and brothers.

The Eno River’s Ribbons of Color

In 2020, a time of deep reflection, recovery and desire for open spaces, more than 1.1 million people took to Orange County’s great outdoors and…

Hearth and Home, of Thee I Sing

It’s been raining now for three days straight — that cold nasty chilly winter rain. I’d prefer honest snow any day — the kind we had during my 10 years at Penn State, where Pennsyltuckians understand the…

What’s the Fishy Smell? It’s an AURA.

Opinion: Have you heard of Trinsic Residential Group? It’s a pretty considerable Texas real estate outfit seeking to build a large mixed-use development (400 apartments and townhouses; 650 parking spaces) called AURA…