Carrborobotics Finished Near Top Third in World Championship


By Gregory DL Morris

CARRBORO – Teams from Carrboro High School and East Chapel Hill High School competed in the world championship tournament April 17 through 20 in Houston, presented by For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) Robotics, an international organization promoting international robotics competitions.

Carrborobotics finished 26th out of 75 in the championship round, just one place out of the top third in the world. Each team competed in five matches a day in the qualifying rounds, with breaks in between. The teams accumulating the most points in the qualifying matches advanced to the championship round.

(Video from the championship tournament was not yet available. This is a clip of Carrborobotics in a regional competition earlier in the season)

“The competition went quite well,” Aidan Martzloff, one of the Carrborobotics team captains, told TLR. “It was the team’s first time ever attending the World Championship, so it was an amazing experience for all of the team members!”

Martzloff said the team did much better than expected in its qualification matches. “We ended up ranking 26th out of 75 teams, which included some very unfortunate losses. A couple of our matches ended early due to some varying electrical issues, but we were able to fix them as soon as the match ended, which was absolutely fantastic to see.”

Despite these losses, the team still ranked surprisingly high, and statistically, it was among the top five teams in terms of the most game pieces scored during matches.

“We had an awesome time competing against some of the best robots in the world,” said Martzloff, “even though we ran into some frustrating issues, we did so much better than we ever could have expected.

“As the team captain of Carrborobotics, I would also like to say that I am extremely proud of this team doing so well, especially consisting of only a handful of experienced members, and the rest being rookies who really stepped up to work their hardest, learning as much as possible, and making a huge impact on the level at which the team was able to compete.”

Gregory DL Morris is a business journalist and historian who reports regularly for TLR.

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