Women Build a Future

It’s not a secret: In the construction trade, practically a whole gender is missing. Women make up only 1.5 percent of the entire U.S. construction workforce, according to the National Association of Women in Construction.

Historic Home Yields to Progress in Club Nova Expansion

After unsuccessful attempts to relocate the historic house it used as its office and clubhouse, Club Nova demolished the house on March 2 to make way for construction to begin on a new building that will help the organization better serve its members.

Acme Adds Fee to Cover Living Wage

At the beginning of 2021, the Orange County living wage rose to $15.40 per hour — almost double the federal minimum wage — or $13.90 if the employer pays at least half of the health insurance cost.

Balloons and Tunes Rises Again

Ever since getting his first balloon at the state fair as a child, Robert Bryant said he has had an affinity for those floating balls of happiness on a string.

A Dismal Time for Local Hotels

Hoteliers around the world have not had a good night’s sleep in months due to the drastic reduction in business caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. With stay-at-home orders, travel and tourism ground to a halt. Hotels laid off or furloughed all but a skeleton staff, and some hotel brands shuttered venues altogether.

Open and Shut Cases

It’s one thing to successfully guide a business through a recession. It’s another to start one from scratch during the worst economic downturn in decades. But three local entrepreneurs have done just that.

Carrboro Lends a Hand

Armadillo Grill, The Artscenter and the Community Worx thrift shop are among 10 Carrboro-based small businesses and non-profits receiving grants from a second round of funding from the town designed to help ease the economic impact of COVID-19.

United, Carrboro Restaurants Fight Back

Carrboro’s restaurants have been closed and the town’s food service economy has been on the verge of collapse because of COVID-19. But instead of fighting to survive on their own, a number of Carrboro businesses have banded together to serve the public and help themselves.