Are iBuyers a Significant Factor in Southern Orange County?

Some of the biggest recent news in real estate came when Zillow announced last month it would pause its purchases of homes as part of its ZillowOffers program, and then just a week and a half later announced it would be stopping the program entirely and would be laying off 25% of its employees.

List Price vs. Sold Price

You have probably heard that the housing market is very competitive this year. Maybe you know someone who has been looking for a new home who has been outbid. Perhaps you heard that your neighbor’s home sold for well above asking price. Possibly you have seen…

Buyer’s market or seller’s market? Yes.

The old saying, “may you live in interesting times,” would probably ring true if you have been in the market to buy or sell a home in southern Orange County in 2020. With the impact of COVID-19, low housing inventory and the dramatic drop in interest rates, the housing market of 2020 so far has been a wild ride.