Guest Columns

A Book of All Seasons

Book Review: Gardening in the South by Mark Weathington. Recently, I had occasion to meet Mark Weathington, director of the JC Raulston Arboretum at NC State University — and immediately bought his book.

Tis the Season to Take a Hike

ORANGE SLICES By Laurie Paolicelli Ah, Orange County’s beauty. A hush falls over the woods in winter. But the quiet unlocks a secret world that you miss out on during…

The Story of a Family

Talk to almost any artist and they will tell you that no matter how clear their vision was before they started their painting, book, song or film, the project evolved and the end result surprised them.

2019: The Year of the Cradle

1969 was the year that the Cat’s Cradle opened its doors, and gave music a place to live and be live in the Triangle. First in Chapel Hill, now in Carrboro, bands will tell you that between D.C. and Atlanta there is no better club than the Cat’s Cradle.

Our Dog Makes Me a Better Gardener

We have a new puppy — although he’s been part of our family for nearly a year. As our last dog was with us for 15 years, this little guy will hold the “new puppy” title for a bit longer. Maybe it’s how he came into our lives or maybe because I think this will be our last dog, that he seems so precious. I’m weirdly picky about everything related to this critter. I shudder at the thought of any chemicals near “new puppy…”

The Artist, at 13, Gets Her Due

In a community known for its commitment to arts and education, Stella Waugh-Stewart, age 13, should feel like less of an outsider. She’s academically successful and a talented artist.

The Brown File: Mack Brown

Mack Brown, whose charismatic style and disciplined approach led the University of North Carolina into the Top Five, and the University of Texas to the 2005 BCS National Championship, began his second stint as head coach in Chapel Hill on Nov. 27, 2018.

The Garden of Wrath

Two things incur my wrath when it comes to gardening: certain wildlife and nurseries that sell the wrong plants. There are few serious gardeners who haven’t felt fury at wildlife. You see, wildlife has to eat — and many creatures savor the meals we unwittingly prepare for them in our garden. We call graceful does “giant rats.” We reread Peter Rabbit, only this time we sympathize with Mr. McGregor. Deer and I share one attribute in common: We happen to enjoy the same plants.

Two Towns, One Community

Recently I was talking with colleague, friend, and former Herald Sun columnist Neil Offen about Carrboro and Chapel Hill. The two are contiguous, one runs into the other, and often visitors don’t differentiate. But locals do. Here’s Neil’s perspective…

Recreational Forests & Trails

Chapel Hill and the University of North Carolina are linked historically, economically and physically. Chapel Hill’s fire trucks are not only painted Carolina blue but our town was created at the founding of UNC to quite simply “serve the University”.

The Dangers of Deer Hunting in Town

When you go for a walk around Chapel Hill, do you wear blaze orange for safety? You may wish to consider it. Hunting — both legal and illegal — is occurring in unexpected places in town.

There’s More to Coreopsis Than Meets the Eye

I have never thought much about coreopsis until recently, when I had some spaces to fill in the perennial border — and then I was faced with the fact that there are an awful lot of coreopses to choose from. Even the name doesn’t inspire: The Greek “koris” means bedbug while “opsis” means to shear. Its common name, tickseed, also does not engender great enthusiasm.

The State Needs a Progressive Force

The November meeting of the Progressive Caucus of the North Carolina Democratic Party (PCNCDP) was held at the headquarters of the Guilford County Democratic Party in Greensboro on Saturday, Nov. 16.

Arbor Week in Rogers Road

In June 2019, the Town of Chapel Hill initiated a voluntary Tree Committee to help “engage the entire Chapel Hill community in enhancing and protecting the town’s tree canopy and urban treescape.”

Many Questions, Few Answers

Did you know there is a City lead development planning effort that will potentially impact the Park and Ride lot and adjacent City owned undeveloped land?

Patience is a Virtue

THE ABSENTEE GARDENERS By Kit Flynn and Lise Jenkins For a long time, I was into instant gratification in the garden. The acre allotted for the garden had large bare…

A Few “Best Rides”

Chapel Hill and Carrboro have much to offer, but it isn’t always easy to find the best suggestions for bicycling. Everyone has his or her own favorite rides, so below are a few of my own. I’d suggest making sure you have Google Maps on your phone — it has a bicycling function that clearly shows greenways and bike lanes.

Let’s Return to Our Values

OPINION Guest Column by Del Snow Some people tend to believe that they are immune from manipulation and the effects of rhetoric. Nationally, we hear the same drumbeat of accusations,…

Recruiting Wegmans a Boon for Chapel Hill

BUSINESS By Pam Hemminger While I respect everyone’s right to voice an opinion about the decisions Town Council makes, I also want to make sure that facts are considered on…

Preserving Our Rural Character

GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT Guest Column by Livy Ludington and Margaret Brown Whether you drive from Chatham County to Chapel Hill on 15-501 or Smith Level Road, you pass green fields…

Herbs or a Bottle of Pills?

THE ABSENTEE GARDENERS By Kit Flynn and Lise Jenkins It started with some herbs in pots in our kitchen window. I happily snip while I cook, feeling righteous about growing…

Tiny Home Village

ORANGE SLICES By Laurie Paolicelli Tourists are drawn to Orange County with certain expectations, just as they are everywhere else they may visit. It’s a feature-driven decision: culture, architecture, dining,…

Phlox, Glorious Phlox

THE ABSENTEE GARDENERS By Kit Flynn and Lise Jenkins The genus phlox is comprised of approximately 60 species that are native to the U.S. Recently, the Mount Cuba Center in…

The Candidates Speak Out

All candidates for local offices were invited to submit a guest column addressing either one local issue about which they are concerned OR why they are running for office. NEW POSTS!

Yes, There are Plants We Cannot Grow

THE ABSENTEE GARDENERS By Kit Flynn and Lise Jenkins “What is it about echinacea? Why can’t I grow it?” my neighbor asked me. I assured her that for some inexplicable reason…

A Chapel Hill Election Primer for Newcomers

ELECTION 2019 By Michelle Cassell Elections for mayor and four Chapel Hill Town Council seats will be held Nov. 5, with early voting beginning Oct. 16. Two candidates are running…

What Goes Around Comes Around

THE ABSENTEE GARDENERS By Kit Flynn and Lise Jenkins A year ago, I developed what I thought was an original idea: Why not plant a clematis with a rose? To me…

Walking Tours in Orange County

ORANGE SLICES By Laurie Paolicelli Walking tours offer a wonderful way to see an area, get your bearings, and learn about a locale from an expert. After all, half the…

College Towns Are Next Big Thing for Entrepreneurship

ORANGE SLICES By Laurie Paolicelli With students and recent graduates all over the country experiencing startup fever, college towns are the next big thing for entrepreneurship. Even though nearly 47% of venture…

Paying Attention Pays Off

OPINION Guest Column by Eric Johnson One of the deep oddities of our age is that human attention has come unmoored from human geography. For many of us, the places…