Hear, Hear

One of the signs of aging, in addition to getting older, is that parts of our bodies don’t work nearly as well as they used to. It’s possible, in fact, that some parts will even fall off occasionally…

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This Column is a Yawn

How can you get more zzzzs and feel more rested? And do you really want to wait till you get all the way to the end of the alphabet? As we have previously explained, good sleep is essential…

Sleeping On It

We wake up in the morning and talk about how we couldn’t sleep during the night. My wife notes that she woke at 1:45, 3:19 and for good at 6:53. Competitive as always, I counter…

Falling Into Place

As we get older, there are many challenges we have to deal with, including fading eyesight, failing memory and an inability to break dance. Then there is the risk of falling.

The Boom in Zoom

Can you hear me? We’re Zooming for a friend’s virtual birthday party. We’re Zooming after months and months of Zooms — family Zooms, business Zooms, book club Zooms, doctor Zooms.

Anyone seen my vaccine?

I’ve gotten my vaccinations. I was fortunate because I had finally qualified for the shots, having been moved from Tier 2, subdivision C, paragraph 9.1, footnote j, to Tier 1b, folder 3D, group IV6, Boy Scout Troop 384. Signing up for the shots, as most of us know, was a fairly easy process, assuming…