Letters to the Editor

We Cannot Be Silent

The Paul Green Foundation, which makes grants to diverse organizations working in the arts and human rights, stands with those who peacefully protest the brutality inflicted on our citizens of color by police and other authorities.

Let My Country Awake

As our nation passes through the labor pains of birthing a new age of “liberty and justice for all,” I echo the century-old words of a Nobel laureate-poet, which serve as both path and prayer to “let my country awake”:

Bringing Easter Joy

I volunteer with a Chapel Hill non-profit called A Lotta Love. Last week, the manager at the Southpoint World Market, Jason McCreary, contacted our founder, Lotta Sjoelin, and said he’d like to donate their Easter goods to us so we could distribute them to local homeless shelters.

Bright Spot – Ridgefield Park / Briarcliff

In an effort to further reduce trips to the grocery store and support shut-ins, people at risk, and those quarantined, a few bright and
angelic members of the Ridgefield Park / Briarcliff neighborhood in Chapel Hill began offering to provide consolidated shopping.

Partisanship is Dangerous

The past decade has seen a severe increase in the amount of partisanship that exists in our government, as well as throughout the country. As candidates and policies have become more extreme, the political landscape has gotten much more polarized.

Recycling Thanks

A special thank-you to the Orange County Sanitation Dept. and Waste Industries for the special service they provide to seniors who are unable to bring their recycling to the curb.

A Promise Fulfilled

I have been reading the Local Reporter ever since it was launched last year by Friends of Local Journalism. Friends promised a community-oriented fact-based newspaper, and you have delivered exactly that.