Orange Slices

Carrboro Music Festival

One of the first impressions I had of Carrboro was in 2005, when I made a trip down here to house hunt. In one of those wonderful accidents that can change a life, I turned a corner and walked right into the Carrboro Music Festival…

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Historic Preservation

Historic preservation has been around forever. In one form or another, people have always wanted to maintain the past – the old homeplace – while at the same time inviting in the new.

Welcome to the Midway

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro border, one block east of where Franklin Street melds into Main Street, is home to a concentration of creative energy and retro-innovation where the businesses are chic…

Bringing Tourism Back

Like spring itself, the world feels like it’s rising again, about to bloom in the coming summer sun. In this new and brighter light we have an opportunity to see what’s changed and how we can do what we did before in new and better ways…

The Eno River’s Ribbons of Color

In 2020, a time of deep reflection, recovery and desire for open spaces, more than 1.1 million people took to Orange County’s great outdoors and…

We are off to another season.

In Orange County we are feeling a renewed appreciation of spring. Sun and longer days bring hope and light of better days ahead.

Soil. The stuff of life.

The future of the Earth and the people who live on it is dependent on the management of land and water. This is essential and something we can all agree on.

Fighting COVID-19

Orange County tips its hat to many of the North Carolina Tar Heels and local leaders who are shaping the future through activism. Here are their voices, in their own words. These individuals are doctors and scientists fighting COVID-19, advocates pushing for equality and justice, and communicators standing up for truth. May they inspire us all.

Maurice Jones: Town Manager, Chapel Hill

What does it mean to manage a town? Is it even possible? A town would seem, by its very nature, to be unmanageable: too many moving parts, too many moving people. That’s why the job is not for everybody and why, when you get a good one, you can count yourself very lucky indeed.

James Taylor’s Birthday is March 12th

For better or worse, icons never seem to grow old. They’re ageless, frozen in the moment they became a part of our lives. So it is with James Taylor, whose open, handsome and boyish twenty-one year old face looked back at us from the cover of his second album, “Sweet Baby James.”

Jim Merritt

There are a few things to know about Chapel Hill resident, Jim Merritt, in order to understand the kind of man he is. In 2008, Jim Merritt was appointed to the Chapel Hill Town Council after sitting council member Bill Thorpe died.

Orange County Tourism

In an area like Chapel Hill, where the tourism industry isn’t as obvious as it is in, say, Orlando or Las Vegas, Aspen or Nashville, many wonder what our local tourism actually looks like around campus and throughout Orange County. That’s a reasonable question.

Seeking Unity Globally and Locally

It’s not news, of course, that our long and divisive election cycle happened to take place amid a devastating pandemic, compounding our difficulties and intensifying our tragedies. 

Jimmy Carter: An Appreciation

Not that Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States from Plains, Georgia. We’re talking about the other Jimmy Carter, the metalsmith and jewelry shop owner in Carr Mill Mall. He is who we’re appreciating today. That being said, Jimmy Carter is a big fan of Jimmy Carter.

The Carolina Inn

The Carolina Inn, a colonial-revival-style structure on the western rim of the UNC campus in the heart of Chapel Hill, is the sort of place people go to celebrate the important milestones, the moments we tend to measure the rest of our lives by.

Collection of Characters

A food blogger, an historian, a hippie, and an activist walk into a bar – a joke which, in these Covid days, has not aged well. But if such a thing could happen it very well might happen in Chapel Hill. Because these are the folks making news here.

Development Update

Orange County, NC’s development pipeline was packed full of projects before anyone had ever heard of the coronavirus. But would that enthusiasm endure through a nationwide economic slowdown? Over the last six months or so, the answer…

Eno River Farm

Eno River Farm, which sits on two-hundred beautiful acres on St. Mary’s Road in Hillsborough, is a seasonal farm market, with an indoor greenhouse, ice creamery, and an outdoor farm that grows strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, as well as seasonal crops…

Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month, an opportunity for us to be mindful of our county’s rich history, diverse cultures and the important contributions of our nation’s first people. 

Carrboro United

Orange County has always been good at re-envisioning. Instead of focusing on what might have worked in the past we look to the future and ask, “How can we do this better?”