Want to Run for Local Office? Here’s How.

Last year, after a Chapel Hill town council member left office midterm, 16 people applied to fill the vacancy. At the time, candidates only had to send an email or letter to the town clerk stating their interest.

Judicial Candidates Questionnaire

POLITICS TLR is publishing the responses of all the candidates who submitted answers to our questionnaires. Judicial Candidates Question 1: In order to render a decision, the Judge must determine…

Found in the Driveway

Many area residents found on Saturday, Jan. 25, an issue of “The Conservative Action Report” in their driveway.

Please Join Me for My Swearing In!

ANNOUNCEMENTS Greetings, friends and fellow Carrboro residents! In less than two weeks, we will make a little history together. I will be the first person _ever_ to be sworn into office…