WANTED: School Bus Drivers

CHAPEL HILL – Bus drivers are in short supply in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School district. An issue that’s been brewing under the surface for years has reached a fever pitch during the past few months…

The Real College Deadline

By now, most kids in Chapel Hill and in other quaint little towns and big cities across America have already chosen their college. Or, if they’ve decided not to attend college, they’ve joined the military or, at the very least, have planned their next big bank heist.

School Board Member Responds to NAACP Letter

Thank you for your letter and continued advocacy in support of racial equity in schools. I am keenly aware of the role race plays in unequal education inside our district and am deeply committed to learning and accessing resources that interrupt and transform systems that get in the way of student learning and thriving.

Growing a World of Support for the Young

Flan is Sophie Suberman’s favorite dessert. Suberman — a co-founder and executive director of Grow Your World, a Carrboro-based nonprofit that is a community engagement and development program for elementary and middle schoolers — was gifted with the creamy custard by the parent of two GYW youth.