CH Town councilman Adam Searing announces bid for mayor

Chapel Hill Town Council member Adam Searing.


By Carl Blankenship

CHAPEL HILL — A town council member threw in his hat for the mayor seat last week.

Adam Searing, who was first elected in 2021, announced the move on Wednesday with a message outlining his positions in reference to recent town council actions and his history as a lawyer working on public health issues.

The message also pushes back on the rate the town plans to raise property taxes, pushes for more park spaces and voices his opposition to text amendments to the town’s land use ordinance which would change the housing types which can be built in some single-family neighborhoods.

The message also notes his displeasure with the prospect of building a government office facility on a coal ash site. Searing was the sole vote against moving ahead with the project in March. The town is exploring options to abate the contamination at the site.

If Searing wins the mayor race he would vacate his seat on the council, which would then be required to appoint a replacement until the next general election, during which community members would be able to run to fill the remainder of his term.

Disclosure: Adam Searing is a former member of The Local Reporter’s advisory committee and a monthly donor.

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