CHCCS Board responds to harassment against superintendent


By Carl Blankenship

CHAPEL HILL — The local school board denounced attacks against its superintendent after a judge issued a no-contact order against two people in a Wednesday statement and encouraged staff to “report any form of abuse.”

The News & Observer documented the order and chain of events that led to the order in a story published last week. The order, which stretches until Aug. 7, addresses Hunter Klosty, a recent graduate of East Chapel Hill High School, and his father Kevin Klosty. The court documents outline how the pair allegedly made hostile comments toward CHCCS Superintendent Nyah Hamlett for months, including during public meetings and during the school’s June 10 graduation ceremony.

Hamlett came under scrutiny in January, when the News & Observer revealed her 2019 dissertation contained dozens of examples of writing taken nearly word-for-word from other works and contained sourcing issues.

The board’s statement does not name the Klostys, but links to the N&O story and quotes examples of “rudeness, obnoxiousness and ominous language,” including “we are about to find out,” “You are all so morally bankrupt its [sic] disgusting. The ride is just about to begin. Buckle up, and “The time is ticking.”

It also recounts the encounter between the Klostys and Hamlett during the graduation ceremony, when Hunter Klosty, including Hunter Klosty pointing in Hamlett’s face and when Kevin Klosty allegedly “approached the superintendent in a menacing manner.”

“The Board emphatically denounces these and any behaviors which create a hostile environment and negatively impact the safety of our school community,” the statement reads. “The CHCCS Board has always provided many avenues for parents and students to express their opinions and provide criticism, including periods for public comment at each Board meeting. But the Board will not tolerate personal attacks, obscenities or abuse directed toward our staff. Moving forward, we encourage all staff to report any form of abuse to school and district administration immediately. We will continue to take any reasonable and necessary action to maintain the safety of our superintendent, all staff and students.”

Read the full statement here.

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3 Comments on "CHCCS Board responds to harassment against superintendent"

  1. Concerned parent | July 6, 2023 at 7:57 pm | Reply

    you’ve become a parrot for the board and its superintendent. The N&O at least interviewed the father and son who put the whole thing in perspective.

    What else do you expect from a board which supports a plagiarizing superintendent?!

  2. Richard Ellington | July 6, 2023 at 11:15 pm | Reply

    Has the school board addressed the suspected plagiarism incidence? If no, then why? This school system has a reputation to protect from any such issues.

  3. So, has the plagiarism issue been resolved?

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