CHDP Welcomes Hubbard

Carter Hubbard pictured above, photo courtesy of CHPD.


By Tyria Bourda

The newly appointed Director of Operations and Business Services of the Downtown Chapel Hill Partnership  (CHDP), Carter Hubbard, is pleased to be returning to the Tar Heel state to work with her community. By overseeing operations, Hubbard will work closely with CHDP plans to beautify downtown streetscapes, preside over finances, and prioritize triage downtown business and resident issues. Moreover, Hubbard will be spearheading communication between Chapel Hill and Downtown merchants. The Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit that works to bring the resources of the town, university, and downtown community together to maintain, enhance, and promote downtown as the social and cultural center of Chapel Hill.

Her tenure with the CHDP began in April and has skyrocketed ever since. Since joining the team, she has dedicated her time to meeting with business owners in the CHDP district, adhering to their concerns, and providing resources. Currently, Hubbard is being integrated into the Town of Chapel Hill, where she will work to enhance communication between businesses and the town.

“Working alongside my colleagues, Jeri Lynn and Stephanie, has been a seamless experience. I can already see that we will form a strong, enthusiastic team about creatively supporting businesses to create a welcoming and engaging atmosphere in the downtown area.”

After living in Portland, Oregon, for ten years, Carter shared that coming back to Chapel Hill is a full circle moment. While away, she served as the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts coordinator and the communications liaison for the City of Vancouver and Clark County in Washington.

While being on the West Coast for a decade, her North Carolina roots were calling her back. Whether it was spending eleven summers at Camp Morehead on the Bogue Sound, receiving her undergraduate degree from Meredith College, event coordinator with the Town of Chapel Hill, and beginning a community engagement project called Floraffiti, a social initiative that combines poetry and planting; Hubbard is excited to rekindle her relationship with the Triangle.

Hubbard shared with TLR that in some ways, she never really left this area of the Triangle.

“Coming back has been like discovering your favorite pair of shoes that were hidden in the back of your closet and haven’t worn in years. You put them on; memories surface as I walk the sidewalks, bike along the streets, and go to familiar restaurants, things that have not changed and a lot of new surprises make the rediscovery akin to moving to a new Town.”

Having worked with the Town of Chapel Hill and Floraffiti in the past, TLR wanted to know how she could bring that expertise into this new role, which was simply building a relationship.

“The most important part of this is listening to what others’ needs are and doing my best to put myself in their shoes, meeting them where they are, answering their questions or connecting them with those who can help, and following up to find out how my efforts have met their needs.”

One unique aspect of her returning to Chapel Hill is the correlation between her initiative, Floraffiti, and her new role of beautifying downtown streetscapes.

“ Floraffiti is one aspect of creating interest using botanicals and bringing people together through creative communication. I look forward to being included in the process as the town moves forward with its streetscapes study.”

Since her tenure began, she has met with downtown merchants and interfaced with Chapel Hill’s Clean and Green team. By collaborating with the team, she has observed and analyzed downtown areas that are striving to progress despite changing societal habits.

“My creative background with placemaking and placekeeping combined with my experience in communication, sharing, and relationship building will be valuable in what comes next.”

Stephanie Cobert, Director of Marketing and Engagement for CHDP shared sentiments on how matters have been going with Hubbard on board.

“Carter has been a wonderful addition to our team. She came in and hit the ground running. In her first few weeks, she visited numerous Downtown businesses, started managing the Clean & Green Team, and handled various issues. We are excited to see her grow this new role within our organization,” said Cobert.

For the rest of 2024, Hubbard plans to cultivate relationships with the district’s businesses. She shared that showcasing the Clean and Green Team is a vital contribution to downtown and that she is redefining her position by engaging in innovative initiatives and partnerships.

“I am excited about the prospect of collaborating with the Clean & Green Team, Jeri Lynn, and Stephanie to explore and shape the future direction of our efforts.”

Tyria McCray-Bourda is a story-driven journalist whose work also appears in The Carolinian newspaper in Raleigh. With a bachelor’s in journalism & mass communication from North Carolina A&T State University, she has the distinction of having interviewed President Joe Biden when he was a candidate on the campaign trail and Vice President Kamala Harris.
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