Dasi’s Committed to All


Letter to the Editor by Corey Williams

My name is Corey Williams. I have three kids in school here — elementary, middle and high. I moved to this community in large part because we have a wonderful school system — one that my children are thriving in. But not all children in CHCSS are thriving. Our school system is fundamentally failing black children. I am embarrassed to share with you that we have the second highest opportunity gap for black children in this country’s public schools. Let that sink in. Second worst in the country. It’s a statistic that I am ashamed of and determined to help correct. We must direct our time, attention and resources to close this gap and meet the needs of these unserved children. I believe that like me, Rani Dasi, is committed to ALL children in our school system. She is willing to make the hard and high integrity decisions it will take to ensure that ALL kids have access to a terrific education. That may mean making some tough choices and budgetary tradeoffs. And it may mean telling some parents that their favorite extra curricular must take a back seat. But there is no one I trust more than Rani to have those challenging conversations and make those tough calls. Next week, I will be voting for Rani for CHCSS school board. I hope you will join me in taking that step towards ensuring that ALL of our community’s children have best possible education.

— Corey Williams

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