December 1 is World AIDS Day


Dear Editor,

December 1 is World AIDS Day, a commemoration of the lives lost to HIV/AIDS and a reminder that our fight to end this preventable disease is far from over.

Let’s honor this World AIDS Day by imagining a new day. A day when HIV/AIDS is no longer a public health threat. A day when no mother has to worry about passing HIV to their child. A day when the 38 million people living with HIV can do so free of stigma.

We know this day is within our grasp but we have work to do. If we want to reach an AIDS-free generation, both local and world leaders need to step up the fight. This is an opportunity for the US to lead.

PEPFAR, the life-saving US program that fights HIV/AIDS around the world, needs to be reauthorized by Congress so it can continue providing millions of people with testing and life-saving antiretroviral drugs. Senator Tillis and Senator Budd can move us closer to the day we end HIV/AIDS by supporting a clean, five-year reauthorization of this vitally important program. It’s the right and smart thing to do and we can do it now.

-Daniels Akpan ( )

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