Dignify Workers with a Living Wage


By Sam Orenstein

At Orange County Living Wage, we’re proud to partner with local employers, employees and community members to fight for living wages in our county. During these economically turbulent times and beyond, living wages not only keep workers afloat and self-sufficient, but also ensure that businesses operate with motivated, dignified personnel. Compare the living wage to the minimum wage, which has stagnated at $7.25 per hour for nearly 11 years; forget workers staying afloat and achieving economic self-sufficiency; forget motivation and dignity in the workplace; and forget economic justice for all.

A total of 28 red, blue and purple states across the country have found a way to raise their minimum wages. It’s time for North Carolina to follow suit. It’s time that we call on our elected officials to make living wages and economic justice a reality for all North Carolinians.

Orange County Living Wage

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