Found in the Driveway


TLR Staff Report

Many area residents found on Saturday, Jan. 25, an issue of “The Conservative Action Report” in their driveway.

Published out of Bowling Green, SC, the newspaper (which notes it used to be called “The Real News”) has a stated mission: “Breaking the Liberal Media’s Monopoly of News and Opinion.”

Some of the “Conservative Action Report” headlines included:

  • Video shows Joe Biden bribed Ukrainian President Poroshenko to kill investigation of company his son Hunter worked for
  • Racial and Anti-Conservative Bigotry Practiced By Charlotte Observer/McClatchy Corp
  • Grave Influence — 21 Leftist Radicals Who Rule America from the Grave
  • Five North Carolina Sheriffs Who Support Illegal Aliens
  • Obama Dept of Justice Granted Immunity to Clinton Lawyer Who Destroyed 33,000 Emails
  • Warren for Gay Reparations
  • Silent Sam to rise again

Touting a circulation, the newspaper claimed, of 23,000, C.A.R. urged interested readers to subscribe and donate “to keep this publication alive.”

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2 Comments on "Found in the Driveway"

  1. Where is the proof to the articles in The Conservative Action Report?” Shame on you for passing such nonsense forward!
    Instead of saying what is good about themselves, they seem to use the Trumpian style of tearing others apart! Aren’t you sick of all the negativity? I think most of us are!

  2. I have noticed another push through on line ads for a news paper called the Epoch Times recently. I am given hope in a way that news print is not dead but not when they are living up to proper journalistic standards. Our current golden age of content has the down side of muddying the waters of democracy in that it has become more difficult and exhausting to make informed decisions based on the truth. Thanks Local Reporter for doing what you do !

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