Fowler is Collaborative


Letter to the Editor by Terri Buckner

I am writing to endorse Amy Fowler for the at-large Orange County Commissioner seat. Besides being a really nice, smart person, Amy is incredibly thoughtful in her decision making. As an example, she is advocating for a plan to fund the school maintenance needs of both school districts. She isn’t just demanding the crumbling buildings be fixed immediately or that the county turn over the full amount of money needed to fix them. She’s asking for the school districts and county commissioners to work together to develop a funding plan.

As another example, she agrees that climate change is one of our most significant challenges, but she wants to do to the preliminary legwork to determine how best attack to the challenge–not just throw money at it. She was asked recently what she thought about the light rail issue. Again, she acknowledged the importance of transit but questioned whether the county’s oversight of GoTriangle had been sufficient.

Amy is a collaborator, not a finger pointer. As our county commissioner, I have full faith that she will work with the other commissioners and community members to use our tax dollars wisely, understanding that raising taxes imposes serious challenges for our low-income residents.

I ask you to join me and vote for Amy Fowler for the at-large county commissioner seat.

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