Hemminger, Anderson, Oates, Soll & Ryan will Protect Our Parks and Trails


Letter to the Editor By Adam Searing

I have not often been involved in local politics, but currently I am working on greenway connections and preservation of greenspace in our town.  I have come to know the candidates below personally through my recent work.

And I can tell you if you care about parks, greenways and open space it’s critical we vote for Pam Hemminger, Jess Anderson, Nancy Oates, Renuka Soll and Amy Ryan.

These folks are my personal recommendations as someone who not only knows them but has lived here in Chapel Hill my whole life (over 50 years now), spent more time than most in our woods and along our streams, is a current enthusiastic kid’s mountain bike coach, and really loves our town.

Our town council currently contains some who pay lip service to greenspace but can’t quite follow through – what they say isn’t what they do.  We need some new leadership along with our current mayor and two great council members.

Pam, Jess and Nancy have done great work on the Council advancing the interests of improving and expanding green space while also making sure the town is moving forward building multiple affordable housing projects. Renuka is an active mountain biker and parent in the community who puts kids, parks, greenways and our town first. Finally, Amy has spent years on multiple town commissions and has a clear vision for better parks and trails. Together these candidates represent the best of Chapel Hill and they have my unequivocal endorsement.

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1 Comment on "Hemminger, Anderson, Oates, Soll & Ryan will Protect Our Parks and Trails"

  1. Deborah Fulghieri | October 5, 2019 at 7:47 pm | Reply

    Amy Ryan has put in years on town boards and commissions as a labor of love, and is well-versed in the rules, procedures, and requirements of how this town functions. I served with her on Planning, and learned so much from her.

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