Here Are Your Answers

What helped you make it through the tumultuous, difficult, chaotic, isolating 12 months that have been 2020?

That’s the question we asked you, and here are your answers.

We have room for more. Send your response in to and we’ll add it to this story. Let the community know how you did it. Maybe your words will help one of our neighbors see that there is light even in bleak times.

During this year of feeling stuck in a never-ending loop of sameness, mixed with warnings on repeat, I have found it best to try to live in the moment. Rather than put life on hold, waiting until this crisis is over when we can finally return to semblance of normalcy, I try to find joy where I can find it, in the here and now. I don’t want to spend the precious time I have today thinking of someday. While I am certainly looking forward to a COVID-free future, I am putting forth the effort to make the best of this challenging situation, and taking it day by day. —Nancy Largent, Carrboro

This year has reinforced for me the unpredictable nature of our lives, has challenged me to confront my tendency to think I can control everything.  It has allowed me to work with keeping my heart open to the painful outcomes for so many in our world, while making choices about what information is wholesome for me to take in.  Daily it provides an opportunity for me to practice acceptance of the behavior of those who are making choices re: this virus that I consider dangerous and irresponsible, while not condoning that behavior. Carefully attending to relationships in my life, always finding ways to experience joy and sharing that with others has been life and heart sustaining.  — Cathy Cole

Hugs and time with my grandchildren. — Melva Fager Okun

The list of “bad” is just too long — from the global: COVID, national politics, climate change, racism — to the personal of not being able to see my son for over a year, discovering new maladies and breaking my shoulder.  But I am loved and spoiled by the man I’ve loved and lived with for over 48 years.  When I think I can’t do it anymore, I appreciate the love and try to find a way to do my little share of good.  Just take deep breaths, focus on something else, and move on. — Del Snow

In 18 days we can say “Hindsight is 2020.” — Nicole Fouche (via NextDoor)

This was one of my favorite music productions of this year. — Steve Williams

We canceled our visit to DC, to see friends and attend a conference. We didn’t go to NY to hang out with our daughter. We finally had to pull the plug and call off our long-planned African safari.

We stayed at home a lot. In fact, pretty much all the time.

Except for one too-short short weekend in August, when we drove north and our daughter drove south and we met halfway.

It was complicated and difficult and a bit weird and boy, it was terrific. The anticipation of it, then the experience of it, and now the memory of it (and the hope of soon repeating it) — have sustained us and continue to keep us going through this appalling year.  — Neil Offen

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