Hunting for Easter Eggs


By Rudy Juliano

The Coker Hills neighborhood is located near Estes Hills School in Chapel Hill and has long had an active neighborhood association and strong sense of community. For a number of years, the Coker Hills Neighborhood Association has sponsored an Easter Egg Hunt that takes place in a small local park.

Obviously there will be no real egg hunt this year. However, instead there will be a “window egg” hunt. Here is an excerpt from a Coker Hills list-serve that describes the process.

“While we won’t be hunting plastic eggs together this year we can still get out of the house for a “window” egg hunt on Sunday instead. If you would like to participate, make and decorate a large, paper cut-out egg and tape it in a window facing the street on Saturday night.

“At various times on Sunday (up to individual families when) we can take the kids around the neighborhood to find the eggs. It’ll be a fun way to get outside and enjoy the weather. Please, please, please, if you do take part, maintain social-distancing practices.”

In addition to neighborhood association activity, several individuals have pitched in to help. Ian Jackson, Aaron Kirtley and four other Coker Hills residents have volunteered to do grocery, pharmacy and other errands for elderly or less mobile neighbors.

These small but important efforts will help get the neighborhood through the difficulties ahead.

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