Infographic:  Most and least affordable homes sold in 2023 so far


By Gary A. Miller

Affordability is always a hot topic of discussion with regard to the housing market in southern Orange County.  While understanding various mid-points, such as average and median, are vital to getting a sense of pricing, it is also interesting to consider the two ends of the spectrum, and as you can see, the range is quite wide.

The infographic presented here makes that analysis by quarter for closed home sales in the zip codes of 27510, 27514, 27516, and 27517 within the boundaries of Orange County.  For the entire period of January through September, there were 596 closed sales with an average sales price of $692,964 and a median sales price of $617,000

Gary A. Miller is co-owner of Red Bloom Realty.  He has lived and worked in Chapel Hill off and on since 1994, is an avid musician and traveler, and is a former educator of 25 years.

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