John News v110: 1/8/24 – Training a Police K-9 Officer



John welcomes K-9 Officer Mando back to John News. In this thrilling episode of John News, John learns how police K-9s are trained to search out and identify the location of evidence. John also visits with K-9 Bain, who is training to be a police dog.


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5 Comments on "John News v110: 1/8/24 – Training a Police K-9 Officer"

  1. Love John’s News! Glad you put it in this issue.

  2. Go John and Chief Blue for talking about trust and safety experiences with the police and disparities!

  3. Perhaps this video can be shown in the classroom! What a great teaching/learning experience. Thank you, John!

  4. Excellent! Informative!

  5. Deborah Fulghieri | June 24, 2022 at 7:50 am | Reply

    Yay John! I look forward to seeing your news ideas!

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