June 2024: local music spotlight


By Gary A. Miller

Plenty of good local music is always happening in southern Orange County.  Here are three of the shows we are excited about for June 2024.  You can explore more music options by clicking through to the venue calendars linked below.

All Y’all Records Launch Party Showcase

June 1, 4 p.m. at the Local 506

Local 506 is hosting a showcase of the recently launched All Y’all Records, founded by Dave Hedeman of Gone Ghost and Nick Stroud of Heat Preacher.  The label has the stated goal of being a support system to help a local community of musicians, generally in the roots/americana genre, to thrive and collaborate. Toward that end, they begin with nearly a dozen artists as part of the stable.  The day, which starts at 4 p.m., will feature performances by a variety of artists associated with the label, including Old Heavy Hands, Country Cruel, Reese McHenry, and the aforementioned Gone Ghosts and Heat Preacher, among others.

Crank Stallion

June 12, 9 p.m. at The Cave

Crank Stallion makes the kind of quirky music that it sometimes feels like you can only get in Chapel Hill.  With a mix of influences that stir together the outsider, avant sounds of Captain Beefheart and Tom Waits with the groovier, rhythmic sounds of jazz organ trios, a Crank Stallion performance sounds entirely from another time without being able to ascertain if that time is the past or the future.  While you might not know precisely what you’ll get from song to song, you know it will be interesting, engaging, and challenging. 

The Yardarm Album Release Show

June 13, 8 p.m. at the Cat’s Cradle Back Room

The Yardarm is among the long line of “rugged but right,” twangy rock and roll acts that have called the Triangle home over the years, albeit with perhaps a few more alt-rock influences than some others before them.  The dueling vocal styles of JJ Westfield and Jason Bales make for a varied listening experience within their set. Having released several singles and a live record since their formation in 2017, they will release their first proper full-length with this performance at the Cat’s Cradle Back Room, joined by opening acts Charles Latham and the Borrowed Band and the Cosmic Country All-Stars.

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Select Local Music Venue Calendars

The Cat’s Cradle

Local 506

The Cave

The Kraken

Lapin Bleu

Gary A. Miller is a local musician who has lived in the area off and on since 1994. Gary is a Realtor, an avid traveler, and a still-active musician in several local bands. This reporter can be reached at Info@TheLocalReporter.press

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