LaSerna Knows Education


Letter to the Editor by Stephen A. Scroggs

I want to give my unqualified endorsement to Jillan La Serna for Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School Board. She has the qualities that made my mother, Mary Scroggs, such a successful School Board member. First, she listens…to every concern…from teachers, students and parents. Second… she knows schools, her success as Principal at Carrboro Elementary is clear evidence that she understands schools. Third… she truly cares for kids, both academically and socially. Being bi-lingual in Spanish will also allow her to be the ears for an often unheard voice.

Employed by the UNC system to mentor future principals speaks volumes about her desire to improve for education.

Please vote for the only candidate that knows education from the inside and who truly loves kids.

Please join the Scroggs family in voting for Jillian La Serna for School Board.

— Stephen A Scroggs

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