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Dear Readers,

It has been brought to our attention that I have not announced my formal acceptance of the Editor position at The Local Reporter. I stepped in for what I considered a trial period on the condition that Michelle Cassell assist me as Managing Editor.

After several months working for TLR, I enjoy the responsibility and the process each week. My background includes working 40-plus years in publishing, proofing and editing with such houses as Random House and Doubleday. I have written for newspapers in Massachusetts. I co-authored a book for Doubleday that had a run of 20,000. I am a published author who has appeared on NPR and Good Morning America. It was a pleasure to come out of semi-retirement and work with TLR.

TLR is a nonprofit without a big pocketbook, making it hard for younger editors to stay on for long-term employment. Something better usually comes along. For me, working with TLR feels like a good fit at this time in my life.

Both I and Ms. Cassell find working for TLR a joy. We lend our time and efforts to this noble, nonprofit news source as a labor of love to keep a good local newspaper running.

Thank you for your support. We welcome any suggestions and ideas for articles.

Julia Runk Jones
The Local Reporter

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2 Comments on "A letter from the Editor"

  1. Julia, we are honored and fortunate to have you at the helm!

  2. Thanks for doing this. I am very impressed with the work you have done especially getting all candidates from Chapel Hill and Carrboro to respond to your well thought out questions. Their responses will help me in the upcoming election. Keep up the great work.

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