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Dear Editor:

On September 27, The Local Reporter published the following statement from Chapel Hill Town Council candidate David Adams: “The Planning Commission’s recent superficial review of the highly controversial text amendments to the LUMO is a case in point. There was no meaningful discussion of all the ramifications before recommending approval. When I asked the Chair about this, his response was that it was already a done deal for the council majority and therefore not worth the commission’s time.”

I am the (former) chair that David referred to.

I want to set the record straight: I gave the proposal the attention it deserved. I encourage readers interested in the basis for my vote to check out my 1,350-word campaign blog post on the topic, dated September 4.

David may have conflated his feelings about the Planning Commission’s review process with what I actually said. The communication that David misremembers was in writing and is a matter of public record. I am happy to provide the complete communication to anyone who asks. I wish David the best and simply ask that he stop attributing to me things he may have felt, but which I did not say.

Jon Mitchell
Candidate for Chapel Hill Town Council

-Jon Mitchell ( jon4ch@gmail.com )

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