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Dear Editor,
The forest to be destroyed for Jay Street Apartments was purchased by the town of Chapel Hill with bond money for the stated purpose of keeping open space. Historical Village West and other nearby homes would suffer from reduced air quality and open space, hotter summers, higher flood risk, buildings too close. The hilly, curvy, gravel Jay St. would be made unsafe. Animals live in the forest, including birds, squirrels, deer, insects, and rabbits. There is a potters’ field with unmarked graves of black veterans. Realtor/mayor Pam Hemminger refused to send out seismologists who would show that the Jay St.Apartments would be built on unmarked graves. There will not be apartment ownership options for residents. No one has stated the rents or committed to keeping them stable. Local government gives big businesses tax breaks. They work to attract new businesses, claiming that those people, unlike UNC, which owns 40% of Chapel Hill, will pay taxes but not use stuff like buses. This increases traffic and the demand for schools, emergency services, and land that could be preserved or could be used for housing homeless and others with such low incomes that Jay St. Apartments would not house them. Other big-monied governmental developments/attempts: Pathway Drive in Carrboro, Short Street, Estes Dr., Franklin and Rosemary St. Housing should be built with transparency on land that was already deforested. Government has been chiseling away at zoning and fueling shopping addictions. Restore land, nature, and whole health.

-Alice Berry ( aliceberry.earth@yahoo.com )

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