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Dear Editor,

My job that I have worked since 2020 is currently being threatened because I am a pregnant person in a field that is male dominated, and they are refusing to make necessary accommodations for me. I have been forced onto ADA unpaid leave, just before the holidays, and have been told that if I am reassigned, it can take 90 days or more, and it will be permanent, meaning I am being pushed out of the field I have studied for and worked in since 2012.

I went to the Holiday party for my department on Wednesday, and was intercepted by HR who told me that if I came back to work, I would be written up for insubordination.

I have since been barred from coming to work at UNC and forced to use my sick and vacation time to retain any income and I am running out fast. After that runs out, I was told that my only option is to go on FMLA unpaid leave, which I have 12 weeks of until I will lose my job. It seems as though I am being forced to consider an abortion by my employer if I want to keep my job, as 12 weeks is not enough time to no longer be pregnant, as I am due in June.

I pointed out that under the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) it is illegal to force an employee onto FMLA, and immediately HR said then I would be put on ADA. Either way, I am without income.

Jessica Haiges: jlhaiges@gmail.com

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