Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

As former members of the Orange County Board of Education, we write to support the re-election of Carrie Doyle and Jennifer Moore to the Board and the election of Wendy Padilla for a first term on the Board. All three candidates have both personal and professional experience in public schools. They respect our OCS staff. Their focus on academic achievement and equitable opportunities for ALL students is genuine. Doyle and Moore have a proven track record in thoughtfully addressing the challenges facing the OCS and the responsibilities of the Board. Padilla would bring to the board her willingness to learn, a focus on equity, and her experience with outreach to Spanish-speaking students and their families, an increasing need as the demographics of our district change. We are pleased to endorse their candidacy and urge those in the Orange County School District to vote for these three strong candidates.
Kay Singer
Brenda Stephens
Libbie Hough

-Kay Singer (kay.singer@gmail.com)

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