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What a disappointment to see TLR rerun press releases (Town of Chapel Hill on proposed tax hike) instead of writing news stories. The press release attributes to Jess Anderson quotes using the exact same language put forth in press releases a year ago trying to justify the 10% tax hike. In her campaign for mayor, Anderson dismissed the town’s debt by saying the town still had a AAA bond rating. The rating refers only to the town’s ability to repay its debt, which a town does by raising taxes, and Chapel Hill has increasingly wealthy residents who have the ability to absorb tax hikes.

Rather than be a vehicle for inaccurate fluff, TLR could call Anderson and ask the hard questions: Why another tax hike when you said last year’s historic increase would solve the town’s problems? Where can the town cut back? Why approve record-high pay increases for mayor, council and top administrators while granting only a pittance to line workers? Why did the record growth of luxury apartments not reduce the town’s debt? What is your strategy for dealing with inflation? Why do you discount the advice of the town’s CFO?

TLR has an opportunity to set itself apart. No other media outlet is asking questions of elected leaders.

-Nancy Oates ( neoates112@gmail.com )

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4 Comments on "Letter to the Editor"

  1. Pamela Cooper | April 11, 2024 at 3:12 pm | Reply

    It’s interesting to me that your letter frames insightful questioning of Mayor Anderson with a criticism of TLR. Why not drop the frame and address Anderson directly? Being disappointed with TLR seems beside the point.

  2. Totally agree – thank you for your letter – this type of review and call for accountability of our mayor, town council, and town manager and responsible management and budgeting are long overdue. Anyone can keep asking for more money (more taxes) – that is not leadership or good management of citizens’ hard-earned.

  3. Deborah Fulghieri | April 16, 2024 at 7:13 pm | Reply

    The town should get rid of the economic development department, seeing as it has redefined itself as ED plus housing, proving lack of oversight.

  4. God do I love listening to the lament of Nimby Boomers

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