Re-Elect Stegman


Re-Elect Stegman

I am pleased to write in support of Karen Stegman’s reelection to the Chapel Hill Town Council. As a former Mayor, I very much appreciate what she has accomplished on the Council. I have known Karen since she was a student at Chapel Hill High School and have closely followed her career. She is exactly the kind of person that this community needs. She knows the town and knows the people in it. Karen has been and will continue to be a champion for affordable housing racial equity and social justice. As a resident of downtown, I especially appreciate her concern for the downtown business and residential community. I am supporting Karen in the upcoming election and hope that you will too. -Kenneth S. Broun (

Students in the CHCCS Alternative Learning Arrangement Program Have Yet to be Assigned Teachers

Three weeks into the school year, CHCCS Alternate Learning Arrangement (ALA) students still do not have teachers assigned to them. The ALA students were advised that they would be assigned teachers on Sept. 13. There are 244 students enrolled in the ALA program, including my own child. We were advised that my child does not need to attend school from the date we enrolled him in the ALA program. He was given homework from the first week, on Aug. 26. However, he receives no instruction because the new teachers have not been assigned yet and we were informed that his current home school teachers are not his ALA teachers. My question is: who are my child’s teachers from 8/23 to 9/10? We live in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School District. We enrolled our child in the public school to which we were assigned (Smith). Currently, however, neither the district nor his home school provides any instruction for him. The several hundred other ALA students are presumably in the same situation.  -Hui Ding Ph.D. (

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    Liked your info on “dooring”.

    Everyone should learn how to do the “Dutch Reach” technique to avoid injuring bikers

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