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The Local Reporter is published by a ​501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, and currently charges no subscription fees. We are totally dependent on the generous support of those who know our community deserves to have a local news source and have done something about it – that is, help fund The Local Reporter. Please know how much we appreciate your donation toward making this newspaper what it is today… and what it can be tomorrow.

Thanks – so far – to…

Adams, David
Adams, Pat
Adcock, Norman
Albert, Julie
Alexander, Jim
Andrews, Michael & Mary
Andrews, Pete Richard
Andrews, William L
Arthur, Annis
Bailey, Pam and Don*
Baker, Ann
Barasovska, Joan
Barnes, Patricia T
Barnes, Peter & Jean Anne
Barroso, Mark
Bauman, Karl
Bedford, Jamezetta
Bennet, Tony E.*
Bergman, Judith
Berlin, Charles
Berry, Susan
Beyle, Pat
Biggers, Pat
Bileckyj, Peter A.
Black, Stanley
Blaine, Jean & Jim#
Blake, Tony
Blau, Pat & Bill
Bonds, Gay S.
Boucher, Nathan
Boynton, Lois
Brachman, Linda
Brashear, Anne & Bill
Bratcher, Priscilla
Brock, Eunice*
Brooks, Linda
Brown, Jane*
Brown, Linda K.
Bruening, Rebecca
Buck, Libby and Lee
Bulkley, Joel
Burk, W.R.
Butler, R.
C., Megan
Caiola, Jeff & Courtney
Calingaert, Peter
Campbell, Donna
Carlson, Chris
Carter, Hodding
Carter, Marshele
Cartner, Holly
Cates, Muskie & Vikki
Chady, Richard
Charles, Linda
Chilukuri, Mohan
Chinese School at Chapel Hill
Christian, John & Kate
Christopulos, Mark
Clark, Vivian
Coble, Charles*
Cole, Cathy*
Cole, David
Collins, Sharon
Costa, Daniel
Cramer, Richard
Crittenden, Elizabeth 
Dalton, Kitty & Michael
Darling, Tim
Dasi, Rani
Davis, Gayle in honor of Joan Guilkey
Day, Coleman
De Bruyn, Maria
DeVine, Gina
Dillon, Leila
Ding, Hui
Doublier, Janet
Duffner, Nancy
Eisdorfer, Sandy
Entenman, George
Epstein, Sharon
Farber-Petes, Rosann
Favorov, Nora
Favorov, Oleg
Feder, Nancy
Fenn, Laura
Ferguson, Eleanor & James
Field, Sue Burroughs
Finn, Arthur & Debbie
Fiocco, Michael & Jamie*
Fleck, Steve
Flowers, Janet
Forbis, Dick & Sheryl
Fowler, Amy
Foy, Kevin
Friedman, Dan
Gabin, Jane
Gao, Hong
Garavaglia, Pat
Garrison, Lindsay*
Geffner, Isabel
Gelbaum, Robert
Gill, Martha
Gilliom, Bonnie
Glover,  Lucinda
Gorham, Lucy*
Granda, Betsey
Gray, Virginia
Griffin, Lindsay
Grizzle, Thomas & Kerry-Ann da Costa
Guilkey, Joan
Haff, Suzanne & Peter
Harkness, Lindesay
Hayes, Anna
Hecht, Alan
Hemming, Patrick*
Hemminger, Pam & Brad
Hendel, Richard
Hendricks, Caywood
Henkel, Tom 
Henschel, Ann & Bruce 
Herman-Giddens, Scott*
Hester, Susan
Hill, Iris Tillman
Hiscoe, David
Hochman, Charles
Hoffert, Dick & Sylvia
Horne, Felicia 
Horst, Roger van der

Horwitz, Debbie & Mitch
Howden, Gale Greene 
Howell, David
Hughes, Bea
Humble, Charles
Hunter, Wanda 
Hutcheson, Dianitia
Jackson, Ian 
Javits,  Joy
Jenks, Stephen
Johnson, Tyler
Juliano, Rudy
Kaiser, Mary
Kanfer, Meryl
Kaplan, Florence
Kathard, Marisa
Kawalec, Beverly
Keller, Marie Bea
Kelm, Katie
Kiel, David
Killough, Paul
Kinnaird, Eleanor
Koomen, Marcia
Kotch, Anne
LaForce, Winkie
Lampe, Fred
Lauterer, Jock* 
Lazarus, Karen
Leber, Joan and Rich
Lee, Alma & Henry
Lee, Kristy
Lee, Peter H.
Leith, Katherine
Leslie, Paul*
Lester, Trisha
Leuchtenburg, Bill & Jean Anne
Lev, Josh
Levesque, Eva Blaine
Levinsohn, Jay
Lienesch, Mike
Linden, Tom
Lipper, Steven
Long, Lunsford
Lovejoy, Theodora 
Luberoff, Nancy
Luddington, Dick & Livy
Lynn,  Michele
Maclendon, Mae
Madry, Sarah*
Madry, Scott
Maloney, Kathy
Marshall, Katherine
Marston, Susan
Martin, Dr. C. Dianne
McClaughlin, Day
McClendon, Mae
McClintock, Julie
McClurg, Ned*
McConaughey, Steve
McCubbin. J. Peter
McDonald, Laurie*
McFall, Charlotte
McGill, Sarah
Mclure, Katy*
McVaugh, Michael & Julia
Meissner Gerhard
Mendell, Stefani
Mendenhall, Douglas & Yvonne*
Metzguer, Karen
Milio, Nancy
Miller, Amey
Miller, Gary A.
Mills, Marcia
Mills, Sandy
Mitchell, Charles
Miwa, Gerald
Moffatt, Susan
Morance, Susan
Morris, Catherine
Morris, John
Moskovitz, Cary
Naiden, Fred
Nassar, Susan*
Nau, Bob
Nebiker, Ursula
Nelson, Bonnie Crotty
Newton, Diana
Northam, Mitchell
Oates, Nancy
Okun, Melva Fager
Olkin, Vivian*
Olsen, Margaret
Olson, Jeff & Marian
Ontjes Joan & Troy
Parker, Michael
Paul, Jill
Paul, John
Pedersen, Deborah
Pelissier, Bernadette
Peters, Mark & Mary Todd
Peterson, Kristina
Peterson, Steven
Petty, Martha
Pomerantz, Phyllis

Popkin, Barry
Powers, Dan & Doris
Preston, Nancy & Ed
Preston, Susan
Price, Caryl*
Proctor, Robert 
Proctor, Ruth 
Prokop, Carol
Prose, Claudia
Prothro, Pam
Protzman, James
Provan, Jane & Scott*
Prust, Richard
Rapp, Bryna*
Rau, Diantha
Raymond, Elijah, Ellie, and Will
Renn, L.A.*
Resler, Rosemary
Ricketts, Thomas
Ridky, Jill
Ringenburg, Margot & David
Ritok, Joseph
Roberts, Gillian
Roberts, Lowell
Rogoff, Leonard
Romaine, Susan & Craig
Rosenberg, Harry
Roubey, Robert
Salgado, M Liane
Saltzman, Melissa Wood
Salzberg, Susan
Sawin, Patricia
Scarborough, Maggie
Schectman, Robin
Schoenbach, V & M (in honor of Hodding Carter)
Schoendorf, Janet
Schultz, Pamela
Schwalbe, Michael
Schwartz, David
Searing, Adam*
Seaton, Kathy & Jerome
Setzer, Woodrow
Seymour, Robert
Shaw, Ryan
Shea, Katherine
Sherwood, Marywinne
Shetley, Frances
Shipman, Linda
Short, Andrew
Sidor, Dave
Sinreich, Nancy
Sitkin, Sim
Slajus, Jen
Smith, Sally
Snavely, Alan
Snow, Del*
Solem, Sue-Anne
Soll, Renuka
Spencer, Caroline
Stahl, Neil
Steele, Jim
Stevens , Michael C., MD
Stewart, H. Parker
Stone, Olympia
Stoneman, Chris
Stuart, Ann

Stutts, Jane
Surdam, Joyce
Teplin, Sari
Tepperman, Barbara
The Lee Group
Thissen, Rita
Touw, Ken
Tower, Wells
Trinkle, Barrie
Tripoli, Nancy
Troy, Clark *
Turnbull, Ann P.
Van Riper, Frank* 
Van Sant, Jerry
Vance, Eric
Vance, Terry
Versenyi, Adam
Vizoso, Andrea
Wahl, Jonathan & Deborah
Walker, Jenny*
Waller, Anna
Ward, Logan
Ware, Burwell
Ware-Furlow, Joey
Warren, David
Watson, Kay Marley*
Webb, Kristi
Weisburd, Mark
Weinstein, Emily Eve
Weinstock, Jeff
Werden, Andrew
Werner, Art
Wheeler, Elizabeth
Whitaker, Gordon
White, Carolyn
White, Marjorie
Whybark, Clay & Neva#
Wikrent, Tony
Williams, James*
Willis, Diane
Wilson, Katherine*
Wilson, Paul E.
Winsor, Jane
Winton, Pam & Bob
Worley, Susan*
Worthing, Carolyn
Worthy, Ford
Wortman, Thomas
Wray, Robert
Yang, Jo
Young, Alan*
Zhao, Xilong
Zuver, Deborah
Zweidinger, Ruth
Zwikker, Jennifer*
84 Anonymous Donors

* Monthly Sustainer
# Journalism Circle (Represents Donations of $5000+)

The Local Reporter

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The Local Reporter subscribes to the standards of editorial independence adopted by the Institute for Nonprofit News. Decisions about choice or content of material published by TLR will not be influenced by consideration of present or future financial support.

The Local Reporter is committed to transparency. Thus donations of over $5000 will be posted on our website while smaller donations are listed at the donor’s discretion. TLR maintains a firewall between its news coverage decisions and its sources of funding. Contributors to FLJ do not have any voice in the editorial decisions of TLR. While FLJ is pleased to accept donations from individuals, foundations or businesses, acceptance of those funds does not imply any endorsement by TLR or FLJ of the views or activities of the donor.

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2 Comments on "List of Donors"

  1. Marcia Koomen | July 28, 2021 at 9:30 pm | Reply

    Thank you so much for the information about volunteering for food distribution. I was one of several new volunteers this week, thanks to you. Please let people know that it is easy to sign up and easy to be useful. I was at Eubanks Road, and my part was done in a hour. You don’t have to be strong or nimble; there are jobs for everyone. Instructions were clear, everyone was friendly, and water and porta-potties and hand sanitizer and gloves were provided. I’ll definitely return. Thank you for keeping us informed of these opportunities.

    • Hi Marcia, I don’t believe that I benefited from your services, but I still wanted to say thank you for your services! I get lunches from Meals on Wheels, and were it not for people like yourself, hundreds of people in our area would not have a proper balanced meal on most days. I just wanted you to know that someone was very grateful for your services… even if they didn’t directly benefit from them! Thank you!

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