Many New Year’s resolutions die on the vine.


by Andrew Taylor-Troutman

Many New Year’s resolutions die on the vine. This is to be expected; it’s cold outside and dark. Mother Earth is telling us to hibernate and hunker down. While the days are getting longer and there will be spring, this is not the time for new things. Now is the time to conserve energy, to rest, and to eat Nature’s perfect winter snack—peanut butter-filled pretzels.

Peanut butter-filled pretzels are ripe this time of year. They conveniently grow in bags, which can be harvested most anywhere snacks are sold. I, however, recommend the Trader Joe’s kind as a particularly delicious varietal.

Wherever harvested, these morsels may be enjoyed multiple times throughout the day. They complement your morning coffee and your afternoon tea. They serve as a side to your sandwich or soup. They fill the snack bowl during cocktail hour or, for those underage or observing dry January, pair well with soft drinks. You can wash them down with milk, either dairy or dairy-free. Peanut butter-filled pretzels support any dinner entree. Heck, they can be dinner!

Some eat them one at a time as a meditative exercise, savoring the salt on the crispy shell before crunching into the goodness inside. Others, like me, cram several in our mouths at once. My six-year-old daughter cracks them open, consuming the peanut butter first. There’s no right or wrong way. Only deliciousness.

A moment of silence, however, for our friends and loved ones with nut allergies. Indeed, we love you. We gladly sacrifice our eating pleasure for your wellbeing. But when you are safely away…

We hereby resolve to let the feast begin!

-Andrew Taylor-Troutman (

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