Many Questions, Few Answers


Guest Column by John Christian

Did you know there is a City lead development planning effort that will potentially impact the Park and Ride lot and adjacent City owned undeveloped land? It will be discussed at the upcoming City Council meeting on Wednesday at 7 pm at City Hall. I highly recommend that you attend to learn about this planning and form an opinion. I do not have a strong opinion at this point but I do have some concerns.

  • Will there be adequate public compensation for leasing or selling these City owned properties to developers?
  • What will happen to the buses that use this lot?
  • What will happen to the commuters that use the Park and Ride?
  • What is the impact on the BRT station that was to be built here?
  • What is the relationship of this redevelopment to the Obey Creek project?
  • What is the process for public input?
  • Is this a done deal done behind closed doors by developers?

There are many questions and few answers at this point. Mayor’s Southern Area Focus Group Update Council will receive an update on a group that was established to provide input and recommendations related to redevelopment of the Southern Village Park & Ride lot and adjacent parcels. The area under discussion includes properties on the west side of South 15-501 from the Southern Village Market Street entrance to south end of the Southern Community Park and Dog Park.  The Obey Creek property on the west side of S15-501 is included in discussions to provide context.

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