Off the Beaten Track


By Laurie Paolicelli

Baxter Arcade, Chapel Hill.

Ready, Set, Go West!

The farther west you wander down Franklin and Rosemary Streets the sooner you’ll discover hidden gems, new-to-you retail, entertainment, restaurants, and the kick-back outdoor life on Graham Street’s Midway and the West End. It’s where you can find authentic fun. That’s right, the real thing. Just go west.

Brenna and Lucas Marshall are the owners of Marshall Goods, Chapel Hill. Brenna’s step-father, Jim Lampley, stops by often to buy kitchen goods.

Marshall Goods: Men’s Clothing, Home Goods

Marshall Goods is a small family business born in L.A. and coming of age here in Chapel Hill. You will find the things here that make you happy, and that will make them happy. It’s all about sharing.


The PITCH is a private event space on Franklin Street, with a full bar, DJ booth, and multiple stages with lighting. Up to 190 people at a time can be having fun here at the same time. Included in the rental are chairs and tables, stereo equipment, stage lights, projector stand, and other necessities. Please contact their team for pricing at:

Saturni is located in the Courtyard of Chapel Hill on Robeson Street and West Franklin Street.


A small independent café serving food, drinks, coffee, located in the Courtyard on Franklin Street and Robeson. Just a sampling of menu items: Maharaja · Muenster Melt · Mango · Caffe Latte · Dulce de Leche · Cocoa Loco Mocha. A beautiful place to be on a summer’s day.

MagikCraft on Graham Street.

Quantum Soul by MagikCraft

In Chapel Hill’s Midway, it’s styled as a “metaphysical gift shop,” and features all sorts of goods fitting that description, from ethically-sourced crystals and sage bundles to handmade jewelry and clothing.

Beer Study

Beer Study relocated to the location formerly known as Mint Indian Restaurant. Since opening, they have been serving up fantastic craft beers, ciders, lambics, wines, and non-alcoholic beverages with a dash of retro video game vibes thrown in.

Baxter Bar and Arcade

The Baxter offers a nerd-chic atmosphere providing the backdrop for over fifty vintage and original arcade games along with a priceless collection of pop-art, TV/movie props, and toys. They serve quality libations you can enjoy inside and out. This is a no-brainer.


Rumors Boutique is a buy, sell, and trade store in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The thrift boutique offers a wide variety of vintage clothing for women and men, as well as accessories and a small selection of new items purchased from wholesalers.

Tin Cup Joe

In March of 2016, Chris Jordan decided to open his own coffee business, Tin Cup Joe. Instead of opening a conventional coffee shop, he painted an old camo camper rust red and parked it in Carrboro. It worked. Now on Graham Street.

World Headquarters Cigars

Truly fine cigars are three different layers of leaves, wrapped by hand. You will find them at World Headquarters Cigars, on Merritt Mill Road. And no joke, every Wednesday night, if you buy a cigar you get a free taco from Tacos El Nino.

Tacos El Nino

Tacos El Nino is a great option if you’re looking for a late-night snack or meal. They serve up authentic Mexican food at an affordable price and their portions are huge.

Schoolkids Records

Schoolkids opened in 1974, one of Chapel Hill’s oldest and best-known music shops. Sells: Records, New & Used Vinyl, New & Used CDs, Accessories, T-shirts. The kit and the caboodle.

Spica Body Piercing

A studio dedicated to body piercing and quality jewelry. Piercers Alexia Phillips and Jaime Getman have been piercing professionally since 1997, and both are certified in Prevention of Blood Borne Pathogens through OSHA, and CPR through the Red Cross.

Boro Beverage Kombucha.

Boro Beverage Kombucha

Local culture in a glass with naturally fermented beverages, kombucha shrubs, and wild sodas packed with probiotics, inspired and sourced from local agriculture in small batches.

Mike Benson, owner and operator of Lapin Bleu.

Lapin Bleu

Lapin Bleu, a new bar and art gallery in the Midway area of Chapel Hill, is now open. The business is located at 106A Graham Street, the former site of the pub Beer Study which relocated late last year. “We’ve got a great place to just chill and sit,” owner Mike Benson told Chapelboro. “You can have a glass of wine, or you can have a Pepsi. It doesn’t matter.”

Bow Barr on Rosemary Street.

Bow Barr West Rosemary Street

A casual bar with a DIY decor, a formal living room in the back, carnival lights around the bar, a grotto in the bathroom, and little tables/stools made out of logs. Basically great. How can you not love a place that has a nonalcoholic drink called Pregnant Lady? 705 W Rosemary St.

Dead Mule Club on West Franklin is open to the public. No membership required.

Dead Mule Club

Dead Mule Club has a full bar including an excellent selection of over 70 whiskeys, 50 craft & domestic beers, several local drafts, ciders, & spirit-free options. Membership not required.

Pho Happiness

For Curry Fried Wings, Make Your Own Pho, Fried Rice, Dashi, and Vegetarian Curry Pho, Pho Happiness is the place. Also Japanese Noodles, Vietnamese Asian Pho Wings, gluten-free and vegetarian options available.

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