Orange County Commissioner Candidates Questionnaire


Commissioner Candidates Question 1: Orange County has one of the highest tax rates in the state. High tax rates make it difficult for lower-income families to afford to live here and discourage businesses from locating here. Specifically, how would you hold down the tax rate in the future?

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Commissioner Candidates Question 2: Many Orange County residents must commute to Durham and Raleigh for high paying jobs. What specific steps would you take to promote private sector employment that pays well enough to enable workers to afford the cost of living in Orange County?

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Commissioner Candidates Question 3: Our schools are aging and we are seeing roof leaks, mold and other infrastructure problems. How would you make sure school maintenance is adequately funded and that needed repairs are completed?

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  1. Please note how many seats are open to be voted on in each of the races.

    • Please note that the number of seats available for each position is listed on the right side of the home page under “Orange County Candidate Filings.”

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