Orange County Primary election results


By Michelle Cassell
Managing Editor 

Orange County Board of Education

Three seats were available for the Orange County Board of Education. The voting in the primary was not related to political party. According to the NC State Board of Elections, the three leading candidates with 17 of 17 precincts reporting were Carrie Doyle, Wendy Padilla, and Jennifer Moore. Doyle and Moore are incumbents. All three are registered Democrats.

Orange County Elections Director Rachel Raper told TLR “School board candidates have to receive at least 50% of the total votes cast to be elected, which in this race that was at least 6,563 votes for each of the three winners. Moore received 6.497 votes prior to the counting of pending and absentee ballots on March 14.”

The official results will be released on March 15.  If Moore has not received the required votes at that time, candidate Bonnie Hauser could ask for a runoff, according to Raper.

Carrie Doyle and Wendy Padilla both exceeded the minimum votes required threshold.

Orange County Board of Commissioners

According to the NC State Board of Elections, the Democratic nominee will be Phyllis Portie-Ascott, with 18 of 18 precincts reporting. 

The Republican candidate will be H. Nathan Robinson who was unopposed.

US House of Representatives District 4

The Democratic candidate will be Valerie Foushee, who was unopposed.

According to the NC State Board of Elections, Eric Blankenburg will be the Republican candidate. He received 72.47% of the vote.

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