Price Seeks to Represent NC House District 50

Renée A. Price


Dear Orange and Caswell County Community,        

As my father would say, “You can sit on the sidelines and complain, or you can get in there and do something about it.” And my mother assured me, “You can do anything you set your mind to doing.” Their words have guided me in my lifelong work for humanity and justice.

Being a public servant is a motivating and rewarding experience. I have been an Orange County Commissioner since 2012 and am currently in my second year as Chair. Over the years, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and insight about the issues and values of concern to my community.

Now, I am excited at the prospect of being the next Member in the North Carolina House of Representatives for the people of District 50—which includes much of Orange and all of Caswell Counties.

During my tenure as Commissioner, I have supported:

  • public schools and the community college system
  • safe and affordable housing
  • investment in underserved neighborhoods
  • services for people with mental illness and substance use disorders
  • farmers and rural economic development
  • minority-owned and small businesses
  • climate change mitigation
  • civil rights and nondiscrimination
  • access to broadband
  • criminal justice reform.

I also have been working on legislative issues and initiatives for consideration by the NC General Assembly and the US Congress through my involvement in the NC Association of County Commissioners (NCACC), the National Association of Counties (NACo), the NC Black Alliance, and the National Organization of Black County Officials.

We have made progress, yet, we have much more work to do to assure all residents have access to the options and opportunities to help them thrive and live healthy and productive lives and fulfill their dreams.

Now, my intent is to enter the NC House to fight on your behalf for:

  1. The Right to Vote and the Right to Representation

Our right to vote came with a costly price, many sacrifices. We must protect our access to the ballot, and we must urge allow voters to choose their representatives.

  1. A Sound, Basic Education from Pre-K through Community College

Education is a pathway to freedom, and as my dad said, “knowledge is one thing they can’t take away from you.” We must implement the rulings of the Leandro case.

  1. Infrastructure Investment—i.e., Broadband, Transit, and Affordable Housing

These are the components for vibrant 21st century urban and rural economies.

  1. Criminal Justice Reform

Let’s help people with diversion programs, pretrial release options, elimination of cash bail, treatment for mental illness, and the restructuring of a system based on racism.

  1. Health and Human Services

North Carolinians need Medicaid expansion and healthcare for all, and we must address the opioid crisis.

  1. Environmental Protection and Climate Justice

I wholeheartedly support investing in solar, wind, and clean energy. Meanwhile, BIPOC and low-wealth communities deserve reparations and assistance.

  1. Tax Reform

We have a regressive system; we need a progressive system. Corporations and the 1% need to pay their share.

My campaign is founded on three words from the Preamble to the US Constitution, “We the People.”  At the founding of the United States, “we, the people” excluded women, people of color, and men without property. Today, “we, the people” is inclusive, and together, we must strive for the realization of democracy, equality, freedom, humanity, and justice. 

The fight for freedom and justice for all is why I want to serve as your District 50 Representative in the NC House. The following organizations have endorsed my campaign:

  • Lillian’s List
  • Equality NC
  • Triangle Labor Council and the North Carolina State AFL-CIO.

I now ask for your support and your vote. Please feel free to contact me for further information about me and my campaign.

My elders taught me to hold fast to freedom, never to take a defeatist attitude, respect all people, stand for justice, and persevere with humility.

The Primary Election is May 17, 2022. Please vote.


Renée A. Price


PO Box 1303

Hillsborough, NC 27278

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