Open Letter to: Mayor and Town Council

First, I wish to thank mayor and council for the time and energy they have spent on Trinsic’s application for a Conditional Zoning Permit. It has become a deeply controversial process, aggravated and obscured by SARS-CoV2 restrictions on public meetings and information.

Want to Run for Local Office? Here’s How.

Last year, after a Chapel Hill town council member left office midterm, 16 people applied to fill the vacancy. At the time, candidates only had to send an email or letter to the town clerk stating their interest.

Timeline Unveiled to Honor Juneteenth

Say Their Names, a public art project, is an artistic expression of history we must remember and never forget. It is a 4-foot-tall, 22-foot-wide timeline depicting a legacy of struggle for respect, humanity and justice.

Vote Yes on Aura

On Wednesday, the Chapel Hill Town Council will be considering the Aura project, a mixed-use infill project at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Estes Drive. We believe this is an excellent and appropriate project on a rare, transit-convenient piece of Chapel Hill land.

Where Do We Go When We Die?

Finding a traditional burial plot in Chapel Hill can be quite the challenge, while finding one a few miles west, in Carrboro, is significantly easier. However, each town offers alternatives to traditional burial plots that give residents more options to choose a place for their remains.

OWASA Honors Longtime Crew Leader

The OWASA Board of Directors recently honored longtime OWASA Team member Sherman Betts for his years of service to OWASA and the Carrboro-Chapel Hill-Orange County community ahead of his retirement at the end of May.

Watching Our Wasteline

Orange County Solid Waste Management partnered with Climate Reality Orange County and the farmers markets of Eno River and Chapel Hill to open two new food waste collection sites…

Short-Term Rentals Erode Neighborhoods

Money, Money, Money … Mon- NEY. Remember that song? Please don’t let this become the rudder steering town council decisions. I hope that you will do your level best to think independently with conscience.

Fire Strikes Apartment Building

A three-story apartment building in the 600 block of Jones Ferry Road in Carrboro caught fire on Monday, May 24, at 6:10 a.m. Members of the Carrboro Fire Rescue Department responded to the fire. 

An Open Letter for the Open Road

I write to you as a neighbor, fellow road user and cyclist. In 30 years of riding in and around Chapel Hill, I have seen and, at times, nearly been the victim of some awful driving behavior…

The Real College Deadline

By now, most kids in Chapel Hill and in other quaint little towns and big cities across America have already chosen their college. Or, if they’ve decided not to attend college, they’ve joined the military or, at the very least, have planned their next big bank heist.

Keeping Songs and Stories Alive, One Year In

The air is humid and thick with the smell of OFF! Deep Woods bug spray. People from around Chatham County, and some from around the state, grab a bite to eat from a local food truck, then settle in to their lawn chairs in the small field outside of Bynum General Store.

A COVID-19 Pregnancy

My employer, Duke University, started requiring us to fill out a daily questionnaire about COVID symptoms. Since I didn’t want to lie, I started eating a lot of ginger. It’s supposed to quell nausea.