Terms of Endearment

Do you ever get the feeling that sometimes everybody — particularly those who are digital natives or just, say, younger than our socks — is speaking a different language than we are? I know, it could be French or Spanish, but it’s probably emoji.   

Hear, Hear

One of the signs of aging, in addition to getting older, is that parts of our bodies don’t work nearly as well as they used to. It’s possible, in fact, that some parts will even fall off occasionally…

Out of Line

After many years of faithful service, I recently got rid of my landline, which — as you may remember — we used to just call a line because it was the only line we had and so didn’t require a first name….

Dear Mr. Tech Expert

I’m frustrated. My children don’t answer the phone when I call them. They don’t respond to emails. Now they have unfriended me on Facebook, blocked me on Instagram and don’t even reply when I text them. How can you communicate with younger…