The War in Ukraine: How to Help

Photo caption: Ukrainians cross an improvised path under a destroyed bridge while fleeing Irpin, on the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine, March 9, 2022. Photo by Felipe Dana/AP.


By Michelle Cassell

Images of a horrific war thousands of miles away in a once-peaceful country have dominated the media daily since the unprovoked Feb. 24 Russian invasion of Ukraine. More than 3 million refugees have fled to neighboring countries. According to the United Nations, the Ukrainian government estimates that the number could rise to 5 million. Millions more are internally displaced. Faced with the greatest humanitarian crisis in Europe since WWII, many local residents are seeking ways to help.

To that end, we have compiled the following list of donor-supported organizations that are providing various kinds of humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine. The list will be updated as necessary. All of the organizations on the list have been checked for legitimacy. (Note that, to avoid scammers, you should not respond to phone or email solicitations. Rather, donate directly via an organization’s website). Please send any other organizations that you would like to see included to


  • Ukrainian Red Cross Society: Volunteers donate hygiene products, diapers, baby food, bedding, blankets, first aid, medicine, training, and transportation.
  • Nova Ukraine: A registered nonprofit working with Red Cross to provide humanitarian help to Ukraine.
  • Mercy Chefs: Mercy Chefs are making deep inroads into Ukraine, delivering large quantities of food to warehouses feeding tens of thousands near the front lines.
  • Unicef: The organization is donating medical supplies and humanitarian relief to refugee Ukrainian children.
  • United Nations Crisis Relief: The organization distributes and transfers contributions to humanitarian organizations in Ukraine. This link will direct funds to Ukraine relief organizations:
  • Care’s Ukraine Crisis Fund: The organization aims to provide 4 million people with food, water, money, medical kits, and humanitarian supplies.
  • People in Need: This Czech organization assists by building toilets and heated tents and providing food for children on the roads leading to border crossings to Poland. PIN is also providing aid to refugees on the borders of Romania and Slovakia and helps Ukrainians find housing and asylum in the Czech Republic.
  • Save the Children:  Donations to the organization’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund supports humanitarian programs that aim to reach 3.5 million children and their families with immediate aid and recovery.


  • Doctors without Borders: According to the organization’s website, DWB cannot earmark donations specifically for Ukraine.
  • Razom for Ukraine: The organization specializes in purchasing and delivering critical medical supplies for Ukraine and works to “amplify voices from Ukraine in conversations in the United States.”
  • Project Hope: The organization delivers vital medicine and medical supplies. Donations cannot be earmarked explicitly for the Ukraine effort.
  • Sunflower of Peace: This Boston-based nonprofit has started a new fundraiser to provide medical and humanitarian aid used by the paramedics and doctors in the areas affected by the violence in Ukraine. They acquire and distribute first-aid backpacks, medicine, medical instruments, and other vital survival items.


  • Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen: Jose Andres is a Spanish-American chef, restaurateur, and founder of World Central Kitchen (WCK), a nonprofit devoted to providing meals in the wake of natural disasters. WCK provides food to Ukrainian refugees and supports the efforts of Mercy Chefs of UNICEF.


  • Ukrainian Association of North Carolina: The Ukrainian Association of North Carolina organizes relief efforts and promotes rallies across the Triangle. Their Facebook page ( provides current information about these efforts and the organization’s website ( provides information about the Ukrainian community in North Carolina.
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1 Comment on "The War in Ukraine: How to Help"

  1. Well-written and comprehensive piece on how to help with good advice about avoiding scams.

    Americans can also help by not being punitive toward Russian-Americans or Russian immigrants–they are here to escape Putin, not to praise him. In Tijuana, there are Russians who are fleeing from arrest for having taken part in anti-war demonstrations. They are hoping for asylum in the U.S.

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