Tomato fans turned out to enjoy Carrboro’s Annual Tomato Festival

Visitors to Carrboro Farmers' Market Tomato Day line up for some luscious samples of the main attraction - tomatoes. Photo by Michelle Cassell.


By Michelle Cassell
Assignment Editor

CARRBORO — Diced, sliced, roasted, curried, fresh and juicy tomatoes were the main event at Carrboro Farmers’ Market’s annual tomato festival.

Even the weather cooperated with sunshine as hundreds attended the celebration of North Carolina’s tomato farmers’ bounty for the market’s largest event.

“Tomato man” Calaway Rohloff a visitor to Carrboro got into the day’s spirit. Photo by Michelle Cassell.

 Market volunteers at the gazebo offered tastings of over 50 varieties of the summertime seasonal fruit (that gets treated like a vegetable). Vendors from the area sold local flowers, honey, and varieties of tasty food offerings.

Elijah Batez and fiance Tori Wierzchowski working for the Farmers’ Market slicing at the gazebo. Photo by Michelle Cassell.

Mabinty Koroma, a farmers’ market volunteer dishing out mixed Cherokee purple tomatoes. Photo by Michelle Cassell.

Bo, a market intern, slicing Marnero tomatoes. Photo by Michelle Cassell.

Visitors around the market could sample recipes from acclaimed chef Garret Fleming of Bombolo and a recipe by Transplanting Traditions Community Farm’s youth program in Chapel Hill featuring duck egg tomato curry.

Sarah Rossie, of Carrboro — who said she dressed for the occasion, — standing by a low-acid tomato variety called gin fizz. Photo by Michelle Cassell.

Turtle Run Farm owner Kim Meehan and her daughter Erin were selling cherry tomatoes grown on their local farm. Photo by Michelle Cassell.

Elise Bortz with Elysian Fields Farm restocking big beef tomatoes. Photo by Michelle Cassell.

Alexis Bishop with the Southern Environmental Law Center mans her booth set up to introduce the public to their first magazine. The magazine was inside an environmentally friendly bag the SELC was distributing to people who signed up to receive the next edition. Photo by Michelle Cassell.

What the day was all about: North Carolina tomatoes. Photo by Michelle Cassell.

 The Sugaree String Society performed live music and a raffle was held for products and services from Carrboro businesses.

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