What Do You Think of the Renovation of the Patio at the Carrboro Weaver Street Market?


By Staff Reports

“Let’s play hopscotch. Wait, this isn’t real grass.” – Phoebe Bausell, Durham

“It’s an improvement in that it was often muddy before, and all the picnic tables were warped and horrible to sit at. But I do think that if Weaver Street prides itself on being a community partner, they should have consulted the community in the design process.” – Erin Griffin, Chapel Hill

“It’s a vast ocean of pavers. Forty percent of this could be ripped out and replaced with grass, or fake grass. There’s only a five-foot swath of the fake grass that’s shaded in the afternoon.” – Camille Pickett, Carrboro

“It’s a definite improvement, for sure. It was much needed. The old tables were worn out. These are permeable pavers, so the trees are happier.” – Brian Plaster, Chapel Hill

“I like that they used native plants.” – Tim Mainiero, Pittsboro

“We lost a little bit of intimacy with the loss of the big tables, but [the new design] not only protects our big beautiful trees, but the patio’s also an ideal surface for hula hooping, so I think it’s a net gain.” – Ann Humphreys, Carrboro

“I love it. It’s more organized and clean. It’s less congested. I can sit closer to the street and watch the cars and the people go by. What I would like to see is some color in the plantings.” – Lisa Harley, Carrboro

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