What helped you make it through?


Yes, it has been quite a year.

COVID, a racial reckoning, the election, the economy, and more COVID.

Our community — like most — has been devastated, the virus cases piling up, our streets deserted, our campus shut, our schools closed, our distances kept.

But, somehow, despite what a year it’s been, at the end of it all, we’ve made it through.

How have you made it through?

The Local Reporter wants to know what’s the one thing that helped you make it through 2020? Was it a Zoom with your grandkids or a careful walk through Carolina North? Was it helping your third-grader navigate online instruction or learning how to make Julia Child’s clafoutis?

Maybe what helped you make it through 2020 might help one of your neighbors make it through 2021.

So, let us know. Send in your thoughts about the one thing that got you through these challenging 12 months to editor@thelocalreporter.press. And let’s all hope for a happier new year.

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